Splendid China Folk Village – a miniature China


Most of the people who have visited China always suggest that: “If you want to see how China 1000 years ago looked like, come to Beijing. What about 100 years? Come to Shanghai. But if you want to see what happened to China in the last few decades, you must go to Shenzhen”. There is a place in Shenzhen called “Splendid China Folk Village”, which is a miniature version of China – one of the largest countries in the world.
It’s pretty impressive to simulate such a vast country on a much smaller area. Thanks to the considerable effort of many workers, Splendid China is very attractive to visitors. And you won’t want to miss a chance of visiting this amazing place.

From Chinese people’s perspective, Shenzhen is liked a land of promise. It’s a great example of a city going up from the bottom. Before 25 years of constructing and innovating, Shenzhen is just a poor fishing village, but let’s look at what it has become now. In recent years, Shenzhen is constantly on the list of Asian cities which attract investment and tourists the most. Shenzhen shows drastically development not only in services, technology and communication, but also in tourism. Despite the fact that Shenzhen is an industrial city, it is still able to remain the clean atmosphere or green trees and avoid the harmful smoke and pollution. And the most iconic attractions that make Shenzhen become a center of tourism are nowhere else but Splendid China Folk Village divided into Splendid China and Folk Village.
Splendid China is the leading cultural thematic park in China. Lying on the seaside of Shenzhen Bay, with a total area of 30 ha and 120 models, Shenzhen does represent the diversified beauty of immerse China. Splendid China is constructed with a structure of 82 works, iconic attractions, including Forbidden City, Yangtze River, Qin Shi Huang’s imperial tomb, Buddhist statues, Suzhou’s stunning scenery and more. There are also plenty of familiar vestiges, attractions such as the Great Wall, Shaolin and Ancient Palace.
The marker that makes Splendid China out- standing is the realistic models displayed in a harmonious space with mountains, rivers and lakes. This is definitely an ideal place for those who can’t afford to visit all the interesting places of China. Even those who’ve already seen all the attractions should also take a look at Splendid China to compare the real scenery with the model so that they can appreciate the hard work of talented artisans. An interesting fact is that the way all the models are arranged in the park is exactly corresponding to the real landscape of China. This gives tourists the feel that they are actually traveling across China.
Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery, visitors can also experience cultural activities by visiting Folk Village located right next to Splendid China. This colorful village is a place where converge all the cultural quintessence of China. Folk Village perceives China’s culture from many angles, which highlights the diversified culture and custom of a multi- ethnic country.
The village consists of 24 hamlets of 21 ethnic groups all of which are constructed in reply to the original setting. Coming here, tourists can both see the way of each ethic group lives with their own eyes and feel the spirit underlying their lifestyle. They can also explore traditional architectural structures, cooking recipes, enjoy and participate in traditional dances, create traditional products and so on.
Splendid China and Folk Village combined together to form the amazing and gorgeous Splendid China Folk Village – an attraction that need to be preserved carefully.