Spending your weekend in Beijing with only 50 dollars

It may seem unreal to have a low – cost tour in Beijing, but you can completely explore the capital city of China in two days at the weekend, which consumes only less than 50 dollars.

This schedule is reserved for people who have a restricted budget and time. The rate of exchange: one dollar is equivalent 6.4 CNY.
Spending your weekend in Beijing with only 50 dollars
Saturday: Gulou, Beihai Park and Jingshan Park
You can start your trip from Nanlouguxing – one of the ancient lanes which have existed since Yuan dynasty (1271- 1368) and is being preserved by the local authority. Tourist should try Jianbing for breakfast. Jianbing is a famous street dish in Beijing, it looks like a pancake which stuffed with eggs. A Jianbing’s price usually ranges from 3.7 to 5 CNY. Cakes are sold at stalls, in the intersection of Nanlouguxiang and Beibing Masi.
At the area where Di’anmen Street crosses the west of Gulou, visitors are able to see drum towel and bell towel used to keep people aware of the time. It’s an interesting experiment to climb up the stairs to towel’s top and watch the overall picture of Beijing city. The admission fee in each place is 32 CNY.
There are plenty of restaurants with reasonable price on Di’anmen Street. You can choose one of these to have lunch and the maximum price for each dish is 38 CNY. However, a street food stall is still a brilliant choice to save money.
After lunch, visitors can walk to Beihai Park. This was a royal garden, which has been utilized as a park since 1925. Here, you can participate in some exciting activities like boating, contemplating the Nine Dragon sculptured wall since 1402 or watching the white temple on Hua Qian Gu Island. You just have to spend less than 12.5 CNY to get in Beihai Park.
Nanluogoxiang is one of the busiest tourist towns in Beijing with many bars, coffee shops, finger food and souvenir stores.
It only takes you a few minutes to go from beihai Park to Tinh Son Park. On the top floor placed in the hill in center of the park, you can view various illustrious works of Beijing such as Forbidden City, drum towel, Beihai Park.
Finally, ending a great day with a dinner in Beijing’s first family, owned restaurant called Yuebin, where you can enjoy many luscious Chinese foods. The most delicious dishes are usually set on the first page.
Sunday: Art center 798 and Caochangdi.
It’s time to learn much more about the art of the neighborhood 798 situated in northeast of Beijing. This area was built base on the structure of weapon factories, Bauhaus style in the 1950s. Artists came here in the late 90s and turned it into an art center. Most of the works here are opened free for visitors.
Approximated 10 minutes – drive away, there is another art center called Caochangdi. Caochangdi is quieter than neighborhood 798, nonetheless it gathers many attractive places like Three Shadow photography center, Galleria Urs Meile, Beijing modern art gallery…
Other areas near Caochangdi are also worth taking a look as there are many stores, coffee shops, restaurants and galleries. In addition, China Railway Museum exhibiting Chinese train during the 60s – 70s is an ideal destination for people who are passionate about train. If you want to see the steam engine that Chairman Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai used to drive, you should prepare a detailed map as not many taxi drivers know this place. Its entrance ticket is 19 CNY.