Lijang Old Town’s breathtaking beauty


Lijang is an old town located in the northwest of Yunnan Province (China). The Old Town of Lijang is not only a label as world’s culture heritage by UNESCO, but also considered “Venice of the East”. Until now, Lijang is still covered in the ancient atmosphere, spreading from not only the houses, the street, the canal, but also from the admirable lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Participating in the back – in – time journey to Lijang’s Old Town, visitors will be able to recognize the value of original traditional characteristics underlying in allusive lyrics of Naci’s traditional songs crooned in the night sky with sparkling lanterns. They can also contemplate Jade Dragon Snow Mountain covered by the dazzlingly white of snow. According to biologists, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is truly an ice museum and invaluable botanical treasure.
The Old Town of Lijang is considered one of the most iconic constructions built at the end of Southern Song Dynasty. This means that it has gone through over 800 years of history and undoubtedly is really well – preserved. We can clearly see that the government has made their best efforts to maintain the priceless cultural value existed a long time ago.
There is a mountain behind Lijang, meanwhile in the front, it’s an immense lake. When people first heard of Lijang, most of them automatically thought that it’s a river. However, in reality, there is no river flow across Lijang, just some canals and streams bypassing the ancient streets. Dominantly originated from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the water is incredibly clean and clear, which bewitched the golden fish happily swimming underwater.
The Old Town even becomes more ancient thanks to over 300 arched stone bridges crossing the stream, houses, picturesque stone streets, restaurant chains with pinky liana full of flowers, hanging lanterns, souvenir shops and stylish coffee shop. Most of the architecture structures of Lijang are the combination of numerous structures, from that of Han, Bai, Tibetan to that of local people – Naxi. All those things cooperatively created a gorgeous Lijang which is amazingly antique and beautiful.
The street in Lijang’s Old Town is near the mountain and lies under red stones; therefore, it’s not muddy in the rainy season, but also not dusty in the dry season. Moreover, the natural looking and elegant patterns inscribed on the stones, mingling perfectly with the town make Lijang even become more attractive. Above the street, there are small stalls selling delicious cakes, refresher or barbecue stores which are ideal places to hang out with your friends.
With regard to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, this is 20 kilometers away from Lijang, with 12 mountains immerged in snow all years long. Climbing up the mountain, visitors will be highly impressed by its superb and powerful beauty, standing out from the other in the sky’s blue background. The botanical environment here is also fairly diversified, with the appearance of pines, cypresses and many kinds of scarce flowers such as magnolia, hawthorn and camellia. There are even an uncountable number of medical vegetation like medicinal wood, ephedrine,… It’s reasonable to say Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most precious treasure of Yunnan Province.