Kunming – a resplendent and colorful city

Regarded as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, Kunming, which is the metropolis of Yunnan province is one of the most adored places in China, especially during spring. It’s the season of flourished flowers such as cherry blossom, camellia, azalea, lilies and Yulan magnolia. The beautiful smell and colors of flowers embellishing the imposing scenery is what make Kunming become irresistible.

Kunming’s climate is really pleasant as it’s located on the highland with an average temperature of 15 Celsius degrees. This place receives sun lights from the Sun frequently and mist isn’t really a regular guest.
The two most iconic architecture construction of Kunming are Golden Horse Archway and Jade Rooster Archway, which are in the very center of the city. Built in Ming Dynasty, until now, Golden Horse and Jade Rooster have gone through 400 years and witnessed many crucial events of Kunming. The best time to visit these two constructions is when the sun sets. At that time, the sun going down creates a yellow light originated from the west. As a result, Jade Rooster Archway will print its shadow on the east road. Meanwhile, the moon rising from the east gently beams its light on Golden Horse Archway to create a blurred shade on the west road. Eventually, the two shadows get closer and closer, forming an extremely beautiful and spectacular scenery.
Another illustrious place in Kunming is Kunming Stone Forest, belonged to the suburb of Kunming city and known as the “First Wonder of the World”. This forest is fortunate enough to receive the special care of Mother Nature. Its look is definitely one of a kind with the appearance of bizarre figures, resulting in scenery of rough mountains intermingling with velvety landscapes.
Besides, Kunming also has many famous and beautiful temples such as Yuantong Temple, Golden Temple and Tongwa Temple. And some other memorable attractions like Dianchi Lake, Western Hills, Green Lake, Daguan Park, Kunming Museum and so on. In addition, there are numerous kinds of beautiful flower, useful medicinal plants and mushroom cultivated in the city.
During spring, every corner of Kunming city is submerged in the resplendent and effulgent color of hundreds kinds of flowers from high – end flowers like magnolia and orchids to canola flowers. All of them cooperate to prettify this amazing city. Not only during spring, but Kunming is also very attractive during autumn. The image of sycamore in the process of leaf discoloration planted along the road is what attracts a vast number of visitors to this flowery land.
The following are some addresses which can help you to watch flourish flowers in their best moments. The first location is Yuantong Park – the most ideal place to see cherry blossom. The next one is An’ning, also known as “Hottest Spring” in Kunming, where you can intermingle with the bright color of canola flowers. Another is Golden Palace Park with a garden full of gorgeous camellias. Some other places including Yiliang County, Jiaoye Park, Jiaozi Mountain and Dounan Market are also worth visiting.