Wulingyuan – a miniature paradise

On the list of 40 places in China you must have a visit, Wu Lingyuan can’t not be missed. It’s a great pride of Chinese as they usually say that “When fairyland is miniature, it’ll become Wu Lingyuan”. This original beauty spot is situated in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province.
Wulingyuan – a miniature paradise
In 1992, UNESCO recognized Wu Lingyuan as a World’s heritage for its appealing spectacle, which is created by over 3100 quartz columns, including many columns which are over 800 meters high.
It is quite convenient that there are multiple of towns near Wu Lingyuan; however the most common way to get there is travelling by train from Zhangjiajie City. If you are in Beijing or Guangzhou, you can take a direct flight to Zhangjiajie. In Wu Lingyuan, there are many hotels for you to relax after a long trip. Hotels situated in the foothills frequently offer pretty reasonable price. With the price of 50 – 200 CNY for a night, Hi Youth Hostel is a pretty good ideal. In addition, places like Qinhe Jinjiang and Zhangjiajie resort are also worth considering as their services are absolutely superior, although the prices can be a little bit expensive. And if you want to stay in Zhangjiajie village which is a few kilometers away, you can choose Tieulu Bingguan hotel.
Mist is a regular guest here, helping Wu Lingyuan become more mysterious and fanciful. This makes visitors feel like they are in paradise. In summer days, there’s not only mists but also a wet climate, not to mention a wide gap between different hours in a day. For instance, if in the morning, the temperature is only about 18 degree Celsius, in the afternoon, it can increase to 30 degree Celsius.
More than 500 types of scarce wood were found in Wu Lingyuan, including red wood which was believed to be extinct until they discovered it in 1948. More specially, the Lobster Flower (long xia hua) – a extremely rare kind of flower that can change its color five times a day is also found here. As Wu Lingyuan is 690 kilometers square, it can be very difficult for visitors to cover all corners of this immense place and purchasing a 2 – day package tour with the price of 248 CNY isn’t really a solution. Therefore, you should buy a Wu Lingyuan map and then prioritize places that you want to visit and put them in a well – organized list. You also shouldn’t let the immensity of Wu Lingyuan discourage you as there are suspension cable and free bus system for those who don’t want to climb up 3878 stairs to the top of HuangShiZhai.
Apart from HuangShiZhai, you can visit many other interesting destinations in Wu Lingyuan that can make you rack your brain to decide which place to come to first. It can be Kongzhong Sky Garden – a garden hanging on the sky literally or Xianren Bridge – the world’s largest natural arch. Although coming near this bridge is banned, many people who aren’t afraid of death and love challenge still break the rule. Another one which is safer and as gorgeous as Xianren Bridge is Tian Xia Di Yi Bridge.
Not only Wu Lingyuan’s exceptional scenery contributes to its popularity and attractiveness, the culture of ethic groups here also play an integral part. Visitors can sing and dance with them and then contemplate the beauty of nature.
If you come to Hunan, you won’t want to miss a chance of visiting Wu Lingyuan.