Trying an extreme winter sport this season

Skiing and snowboarding never fail to provide me with a surge of adrenaline and I can’t wait for each season to come round and to continually test my mettle against new and exciting slopes. Off-piste skiing and boarding give you ample opportunities to experience a real rush and surge of adrenaline by many people look for something more extreme still and want something that will really test their mind and body to the limit. If you’re interested in trying something new this winter then look no further than our list of extreme winter sports you might not have tried yet! However don’t go without winter sports travel insurance as some of these aren’t the safest of activities!
Ice Climbing
If you’ve ever been rock climbing then you will know that it’s an incredible experience and it’s incredibly nerve wracking as you are held up by only your muscles and a harness. Ice climbing though takes things to a whole new level and provides you with an incredible chance to scale mountains. Basically it’s like climbing except with crampons and ice picks to hold you up rather than your hands. The slippery nature of ice and the sheer thrill involved in climbing what is essentially a sheer frozen block of water is incredible and well worth it for the thrill. The Alps offer some great opportunities to try out this sport.
Snow Kayaking
The blend of a kayak and a ski slope might seem an unusual one but that is essentially what snow kayaking is all about. A paddle, kayak and a sheer slope of snow. What more could anyone want for the winter months? Controlling a kayak on snow is quite different from on water and the sheer speed combined with the proximity to the ground make this a really great activity and one well worth pursuing! If you want to try this there are loads of destinations around the world beginning to offer this “sport” so check around and try it.
Ice Racing
We’ve all tried driving on ice I assume and we know how much of a ludicrous challenge it can be sometimes. The amount of accidents that result from ice and that terrifying moment when your car begins to skid are not particularly fun – at least not when you’re driving to work. But ice racing takes this to a whole new level by letting you race either bikes or cars around a generally circular ice track. The thrill of skidding your car or bike at 60mph around a sheer track of ice is incredible and definitely not for the faint of heart! This one is a little harder to find but the US has plenty of opportunities.
Snow Kiting
Finally we look at something a little closer to traditional winter sports but with a slight twist. Snow kiting can be done with either skis or a snowboard and basically involves attaching yourself to a very large kite and mixing slopes with lots of big air. There are loads of places to try this and if you’re an accomplished skier or boarder there’s a whole new world of tricks that can open up before you. Snow kiting gives you the opportunity to catch massive gusts of wind and float off jumps for what seems like miles. This activity generally takes place off-piste meaning you’ll be enjoying the adrenaline of fresh powder as well!