How to Score Best Hotel Deals

Did you know that calling the best hotels in Dubai and simply asking them for their “best deal” would not really help you get an economic-rate room? They may quote you with a low price but not the lowest. The real secret to scoring a nice, cheap room is breaking the language barrier. If you learn to speak the hotel lingo, the concierge may be able to help you better. Instead of inquiring for “the best deal”, try requesting for “the cheapest nonrefundable rate.” Just by doing this, you could possibly boost the chances of paying less for a room.
Are you interested to learn more about getting the best rate in various hotels in Dubai? Read the following bonus tips.
1. Weigh your options. Once you find a hotel with a good rate, book it immediately. But be sure to book a hotel reservation that can be cancelled.  What you can do next is call the hotel nearby and try to tease them by saying, “Hi, I booked this hotel but I am wondering if you have better corporate rate for a single room.” You can also add that you have read their reviews which made you call them. Who knows, the person on the other line might be flattered and offer you a better room.
2. Know if your hotel is being transparent. Do not celebrate just yet. Make sure to ask if there are hidden fees. Inquire about the taxes, resort fees, parking fees, and other surcharges. The tally of these fees might force you to spend more than planned. It pays to inspect the hotel rate. In the end, you do not want to find out that the joke is on you.
3. Mention what you do. Sometimes it also helps when you mention your job. There are Dubai hotels that give discounts to certain professions. Retired military personnel, for one, usually get 10 to 15 percent discount in many hotel chains. For military men who are still in service, they can get up to 25% discount. If you are a patron of the hotel, it also helps to mention that fact.
4. Surf the net. You can also check around the Web for nice hotel packages. Remember that no one site has all of the lowest prices or the best selection when it comes to international hotels so be sure to spend a longer time browsing pages. You can also use online coupon codes. Many hotels offer online promotions plus codes for 5% to 20% off. If you are lucky, you would also be able to find 10% off room coupons to rooms that are already marked down.