Three important attractions have made Ager a popular travel destination: beautiful beach, abundant unspoilt nature and fresh air. In fact, visitors stand for hours admiring the spectacular coastline at Ager, with the breeze caressing their faces. The small cozy beach town has a Mediterranean atmosphere with an interesting nightlife and many amenities such as boutiques, café, shops, hotels and restaurants. The best time to visit Ager is from April to November when the temperature ranges from 10 to 30°C. The nearest International Airport to Ager is Aalborg Airport, which is 103.2 kilometers away. Other airports are Karup Airport, Skive Airport, Thisted Airport, 75.5, 62, 42.3 kilometers away respectively.
Abundant Nature
The vicinity of the town has abundant nature in the form of water, forest, wild life sanctuaries, and a marshland. For instance, three large water bodies border the town on three sides: the North Sea to the west, the Liim Fiord to the east, and freshwater Lake Flade So to the North. Another feature is the Agger Tange Bay that lies ten kilometers to the south. Another nature attraction is the scenic bird sanctuary consisting of tidal flats, large lagoon lakes and shallow areas situated to the east of the bay. This sanctuary provides good feeding and breeding grounds for many species of birds and their predators. Besides, it lies in the autumn and spring migratory route of these birds. Another nature attraction is the colony of seals in the bay. A boat ride between Thyboron and Agger Tange gives an opportunity to sight the colony. Another nature attraction is the Thy National Park whose southern boundary borders Ager.
Recreational Activities
Tourists to Ager participate in several recreational activities. For instance, they use the 100 meters wide beach for picnic and leisure activities such as bathing, swimming, strolling, cycling, driving, beach games, surfing, snorkeling, and leisure walks. The beautiful landscape near the town is also ideal for excursions, fishing trips, horse riding and cycling. Further, fishing enthusiasts enjoy their pastime on the sea, lakes and many fish ponds in the area. The beautiful golf courses near the town such as Nordvestjysk Golfklub and Lemvig Golfklub, 38 and 33 kilometers from Ager respectively, make golf another attractive activity.
Excursion spots
There are many interesting excursion spots near Ager. The first example is the Liim Fiord Center in Doverodde. The center is a well preserved merchant house about 150 years old. Its exhibitions show how merchants displayed their wares in those days. Another example is Jesperhus Blomsterpark, the largest flower park in Scandinavia. The beautiful flower arrangements on display, the Aqua Park, and play and pirate land amaze visitors to the park. The last examples are the Bunkermuseet bunker museum and Hanstholm Fyr lighthouse at Hanstholm. They were constructed during the World War II. The three spots are located 20, 43, 50 kilometers away from Ager respectively.
Excellent Accommodation Facilities
This small seaside town in Nordjylland, Denmark has excellent facilities for accommodation. For instance, holiday homes near the town are set in stunning scenery and tranquil environment ideal for enjoyable family holidays. They are at a walking distance to Thy National Park, Lake “Flade So”, North Sea, Limfjord, and Agger Tange. Further, there are nice hotels in or close to the town. Furthermore, you can enjoy local delicacies and exotic cuisines in the many fine restaurants in the town.