A Special Trip For My Anniversary


Our wedding anniversary was coming up and we were wondering what to do to make the day special. I was fed up of the usual dinner routine that we repeated every year and wanted to do something different this time. My husband suggested a movie night, but it seemed boring to me. Resorts and trips away were far too expensive during that time of the year and we simply didn’t have the budget for it. After much discussion and deliberation, it didn’t seem as if we were making any progress and our dilemma didn’t find a conclusion.
The next day, when I was talking about this with my friend, she suggested trying deep sea fishing in Dubai. Both my husband and I were intrigued by the idea since we both have never tried our hands at fishing, let alone deep sea fishing. At first we were a little apprehensive since we both had no experience or exposure to fishing, but when we called the company they reassured us that everything would be fine. We decided to go for it and opted for a yacht charter. Dubai’s weather was also gradually cooling down, so we felt that a ride into the sea would be pleasant.
We set off early in the day and were picked up from Sharjah. In Dubai, we got onto a clean and well-maintained yacht. The crew was friendly and welcoming. As the sun slowly rose up, it was lovely to view Dubai’s cityscape from the sea. After a short ride into the waters, we were taught the technicalities of deep sea fishing. Unfortunately, despite help from the knowledgeable crew, I didn’t have any luck and sadly, did not manage to reel in any catch. However, my husband was rather lucky and he caught a few different varieties of fishes! Indeed he was mighty pleased with himself and could hardly keep himself from boasting to his mates!
All this activity had made us ravenous and we dug into our delicious lunch that was prepared on board especially for us. Once lunch was done, we simply sat back and relaxed a bit, feeling the salty wind in our hair and the warm sun on our faces. We finally reached land and bid goodbye to the great crew. As we headed home, both my husband and I couldn’t help but agree that it turned out to be a memorable day indeed!