20 Travel Tips

So you’re heading off on a trip. Hopefully you’ve asked yourself these 5 questions, but are you really ready? These tips should help with that.
Winter travel
1. Know your roads – snowy roads without snow tires are very hard (and dangerous) to navigate.
2. Is your car stocked up? You might want to consider these things.
3. Is your luggage functional for carrying over snowy roads? No one wants to be stuck dragging a heavy case through soft snow – trust me.
4. Make sure you pack something warm – and suitable for wet snow – in your carry on.
5. Don’t pack too many coats. You need one on and one off (or in the wash). If you’re going skiing you can pack one skiing jacket and one for night time adventures. Your thermals are what need washing so rather pack more of those.
6. If you’re going skiing, see what you can hire. Very handy if you’re going to be moving around a lot or have to stop by a few places en route.
7. Don’t fall for the gimmicks. Get yourself a good pair of gloves, a decent jacket, waterproof boots and warm socks, and remember that you’ll lose most of your body warmth through your head – keep it covered.
8. This may sound obvious, but snow is slippery. Many people forget this and go sliding in their shiny new boots. I recommend a bit of grip in the sole of your shoes.
Going on safari
9. Another seemingly obvious but often forgotten point – thorns are sharp. Go for tough, thick soles.
10. Listen to your mother, and take that Malaria medicine if you need to. It’s not a fun illness.
11. Pack binoculars – animals won’t always come to your doorstep, and believe it or not, they’re experts at blending into their environments.
12. If you need cash, I recommend finding an ATM at the airport or exchanging your cash before you leave. While you’ll find them on almost every corner of a city, you won’t find a bank in the bush.
Summer trips
13. Baby powder helps remove even the stickiest of sand.
14. If you’re not familiar with the beach, find the lifeguards and stick to their guidelines. You might be a good swimmer, but it takes just seconds for a strong rip tide to suck you away.
15. Traveling with kids? Pick a color and theme all your beach gear around it – this will help your little ones find you when the beach fills up.
16. You may be thinking abut summer, but even warm locations get cold. Post sun burn can also leave you with a bit of a chilly feeling so a light jersey and some long pants will help.
17. Travel packages that include food, drinks and activities are worth it, just shop around a little. There is likely to be more than one resort.
18. Sunburn makes things very uncomfortable. I recommend packing an extra soft sheet to sleep on or put over your towel to avoid any uncomfortable scratching from sand.
19. Pack extra zip locks to keep your valuables safe from water and sea sand.
20. Plan your swim wear with activities in mind