Three Most Useful Dog Training Aids a Pet Owner Must Use


Do you want your pet dog to be trained? Giving it training lessons at home or in a boot camp is easier if you have all the necessary and right stuff or dog training aids. Some of the basic items are leash or lead, choke collar, harness, bait pouches, adjustable 15-foot line, cotton rope, crate, exercise pen, toys and grooming tools.  Completing these aids will be a lot of cash outlay on the pet owner’s part. It does not need to be complete.

If you will initially invest, the three dog training aids to have are leash, collar and bait pouches. The others can be purchased one by one on later date.

First to have dog training aids – leashes or leads

The first that you must buy is a leash and there is a wide selection available in the market today. These dog training aids are made of different materials, sizes and widths. Your choice will determine the price. The most common material used for a dog training lead or leash are nylon and leather. Some are made of chain or a combination of two materials.

The recommended length of the leash that can be comfortable for the handler and the dog during training is six feet of high quality leather. Leather material is recommended for several good reasons. This material unlike nylon does not burn or cut your skin. Unlike the chain, it does not create annoying noise. Leather is lightweight, durable and easy to carry.

The leash could be as long as 15 feet which will enable you to control the pet at a distance. There are adjustable kinds that you can buy and use for dual purpose – as a 6 foot or longer up to 15 feet. You can easily grab the leash to show the dog during training that you are in control.

Dog collars

The dog collars are also indispensable dog training aids. The collar tightens when the dog pulls and it becomes loose when the animal relaxes. When buying this dog paraphernalia, make sure that you are getting one that fits well. Collars that are too small or tight can choke the dog. On the other hand, too loose collar can be removed to set the dog free. If your dog does not feel good with a slip collar, you can use a halter instead. To some dog owners, the halter is a better choice at it does not restrict the head movement of the dog.  In buying this aid, see to it that the halter fits the head and entire body. These kinds of dog training aids give the dog more freedom to move.

Bait pouches for dogs

During training, dogs are given treats as rewards for good deeds. Placed in your pant pockets, the treats can scatter inside and you will be fumbling for it. As a consequence, delay is created such that there is ample gap between the time the good deed is done and the giving of the reward. The purpose of the treat is defeated.

During the training, bait pouches are used. You can purchase or make your own pouch. They usually are made of ordinary canvas and tied around the trainer’s waist during the dog training activity. The trainer has instant access to the treat. You do not waste time fumbling in your pocket and the dog does not have to wait for its good deed to be noticed.

All of the items in the dog training aids have their own respective uses. It is good to have them all but for economic reason the adjustable leash, collar or harness and bait pouches will suffice.