Should You Use Dog Training Pads for Your Pet’s Toilet Habits?


The decision to own a pet dog entails a bit of hard work. Probably, every pet owner will agree that one of the hardest parts is potty training. You would not want the pee and pooh scattered all around your house and yard. Much more, you would not want to smell the foul odor when you get inside the house. No amount of air freshener can overpower the smell. You can keep this smell away by potty training your pet. Dog training pads are one of the best ways to give your dog some potty lessons.

A lot of dog owners had been using dog training pads for quite some time. Basically, these are pads that have particular smell that will make the dog go to it when it feels like urinating or moving vowel. To use the pad, you just have to make the dog go to the pad to do its business. Afterwards, just pick the pad and dispose. This sounds easy but in reality it takes time to train the dog.

Dog training pads come in different sizes and absorption grade so choose one that fits the size of your pet. You have to buy a potty training spray to go with the pad. Where you spray, your pet goes to the place to do its potty business. So you have to place the pad where you want the dog to pee or pooh then mist the pad with the potty training spray.

Reasons why owners make use of dog training pads

Once your pet learned to go to the pad for its potty needs, this becomes customary behavior that it can carry on. The practice is difficult to reverse. You will realize that as you teach your pet, the dog easily learns and adapts fast. The pads will not only spare your home from the foul smell but it will also protect your carpets and rugs from damages due to canine pee and pooh. You and your family members will not be exposed to the bad odor.

Dog training pads are cheap and they are made available online and from brick and mortar pet shops. They are very handy so you can bring it to your car making it easy for you to travel with your dog. Bigger pads can even be used by the dog as portable bed.

Potty training dogs through pads

As you start using dog training pads for the potty needs, you have to watch your dog carefully. Once you see it starting to do its potty business somewhere else, issue the “NO” command. Place your pet on the training pad misted with potty spray and let it relieve itself thereon. When done, give it a treat or at least praise it or pat it. Dispose the soiled pad and replace with a fresh one. Your success rate will be higher if you keep watching for signs that it is going to pee or pooh. It is easier to monitor pooh business as it comes almost at a regular time, usually after being fed.

Other potty training methods – crate and door dog

Other two methods that can be used for potty training a pet dog are crates and door dog.

The crate training involves a small crate where the pet will be confined. The aim here is for the dog to contain its urination until it is set out of the crate. The crate should be small but the pet should be able to still lie in it comfortably. It should not be too big for the pet to go to another place inside after creating its mess. Dogs will stay away from the pee and pooh so ensure that it cannot do this while inside the crate.

The dog door training way saves you the trouble of taking it out every time it is ready to do toilet needs. The door should be near the doggie play area. Show the dog that it can go in and out through the door. Repeatedly take it in and out several times. Show the dog the place where he is supposed to do potty habits. Prompt it until it develops the habit of relieving itself outside the door. Give it treat or any other reward when it does the right thing.

The pee and pooh of a canine pet is very disturbing especially when you smell the foul odor upon entering the house. At its puppy stage, you can already teach it the right toilet habit. You can make use of dog training pads, crate or dog door.