Dog Training for Aggressive Dogs at Home and in Obedience School



What is said about the relationship between dogs and men? “Dogs are men’s best friends. This is true unless you allow your pet to develop obtrusive aggression. This will not happen if you will be conscious of bad behavior of your pet. There is a ready program of dog training for aggressive dogs.

What is dog aggression?

Indicators of dog aggression are easy to spot. You just have to be suspicious of dogs when they misbehave. They growl, bark, snarl, snap or lunge on people or other dogs. They show off their fangs threatening to bite. Even your own domesticated pet may display a tendency to such animal instinct.  When this wild side of your pet comes out, you should consult a vet or trainer as it may be time for it to undergo dog training for aggressive dogs.

Reasons for the need of dog training for aggressive dogs

Dog aggression is very scary and for any wrongdoing of your canine pet, you can be legally answerable.  It is dangerous and aggressive dogs can potentially inflict harm to people and other animals. There are varied reasons why a dog becomes aggressive and when it does, it is inevitable to take it to dog training for aggressive dogs.

Reasons for the behavior are fear to lose its territorial jurisdiction, its food, toys and other possessions. It can be protective of its puppies or pack. It could be social fear, frustration or pain.   Any display of improper behavior can be corrected through dog training for aggressive dogs. You can do this. Try to observe the reasons for the bad behavior. Do away with things that anger or provoke it. Refrain from punishing or hitting it and make it safe. Punishment is one of the reasons to increase its aggression. It is also a good idea to neuter it. But if you can no longer handle it, the best way is to get a trainer to handle the dog training for aggressive dogs.

Training aggressive dogs at home

When your pet dog shows signs of aggression, you first give it training in your home. Dog training can be done by anyone in the house, not just the pet owner or handler. You can start with single word or simple command like “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “down”. Be persistent when you give the command and do not make the mistake of giving different commands for the same action. If it obeys, give it a treat. It is also best to praise it with a reassuring tone. And if the dog errs and you punish it, ensure that you punish consistently for the same act. Uniformity is very essential in training dogs, whether they are aggressive or not. Make it feel that it is one in the family; this is because dogs are pack animals. Make it clear though that it is beneath the people in its position in the family hierarchy. Give your dog playtime, exercise and social time with the family members. Dog training for aggressive dogs even when done at home must be consistent. With patience, you will have a well-behaved and happy pet.

Training aggressive dogs in obedience school

If you cannot be successful in dog training for aggressive dogs in your home, obedience training program under a professional trainer can be a good idea. There are different commands taught in the training program.

Here are some of the trainings learned by your dog in the obedient class.

  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Off-leash heeling with sit, down and stand out in motion commands
  • Three commands to the dog and let the dog freeze in position as trainer moves away
  • Down command then trainer calls the dog
  • Makes the dog run, trainer gives down command and lets the dog freeze
  • Do runs away from trainer to a designated place

In putting your pet to dog training for aggressive dogs, you have different classes to choose from. But even if you have already placed your dog to a training program, you also need to know the training given to your dog. You have to continue the program in your house. Owner involvement will make the program succeed.



source: Dog Training for Aggressive Dogs at Home and in Obedience School