Dog Training Camp Shapes the Canine into Obedience



Animals like humans go to training schools to optimize their inherent talents. Many canine owners see to it that their pet goes to a good dog training camp. First and foremost, the camp teaches obedience to the pet. To successfully train a dog, the camp trainer must be patient and consistent.

Achievement of the goal in obedience training needs repetitive practice.  The training would include establishment of communication skill for the dog where it will obey and understand its master. The dog owner can also be its trainer but if you want more positive results, put your pet under the mentorship of a professional dog obedience trainer. Thus, training your pet to follow you and be obedient can be done at home or in dog training camp.

Finding a good dog training camp

Deciding to send your pet in a dog training camp, you will be confronted with knowing the right approach to find the suitable place. How would you choose your training or boot camp for your dog? Although you can Google for obedience school for dogs, it is still better to find one based on first-hand information from your friends, veterinarian or pet store employee.

When do you send your pet to the dog obedience camp? The ideal dog age to start training is 16 weeks. By that time it has already received the required vaccinations that will keep it healthy and protected. The canine training camp will be a new environment and it is to be the best condition of the dog to be safe and protected from dog illnesses. The best obedience training camp will teach the dog excellent behavior without resorting to punishments. Excessive punishments can be traumatic for a dog that has just entered a dog training school.

Obedience school – what it teaches

The trainers in the camp understand fully well the causes for the mal behavior of a pet dog. They know the reasons for the incessant barking, whining, growling, snarling and all other signs of dog aggression. The approach of these professionals is simply understanding what the domestic animal needs like food, exercise and companionship, among others. The right lessons are critical as these will form part of the pet’s growth. It will be long lasting to be carried on until the dog matures and ages. Among the good lessons is to make the dog understand that it is subordinate to its owner. Training leads to good loving relationship and once achieved, the old adage that “dogs are men’s best friend” holds even if we are already in a modern and computer-oriented world.

Positive reinforcement – a lesson in training camps

We refer to the successful obedience training as a result of positive reinforcement, the methodology to be adapted by any dog training camp. The technique is based on the use of motivation to train the dog. Among the motivations that are positively understood by your pet canine are treats or praises.

This method is contrary to the lessons using physical force or aggressive yelling. The positive reinforcement techniques should also be adapted by the pet owner in order for continuity of training even if the dog is no longer under the tutorship of a dog training camp. Continuing the positive reinforcement approach using treats and praises will make the dog remember all the obedience training experiences in the camp.



source: Dog Training Camp Shapes the Canine into Obedience