Muscles bowel movement, which increases the speed of the passage of food in it



Functions fiber:
Soluble fibers absorb water and swell and thus slow down the pace of emptying the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness and reduce the amount of food the consumer.
Soluble fiber slows the pace of absorption of fats and carbohydrates from food in the intestines to Dam lead to a decline in the level of fats and carbohydrates in the blood, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.
Fiber insoluble increase Albrz muscles bowel movement, which increases the speed of the passage of food in it.
Dietary fiber is ability to absorb toxic substances in the large intestine.
This phenomenon, in addition to that of insoluble fiber for stimulating bowel action, helping to shorten the length of time that large bowel exposed to toxic substances and contribute to this, it seems, to the low frequency of injuries in the large bowel cancer.
Acceptable (practice) thinking that:
Brown bread made from wheat full-Truth: This is not always true.
There are extras, food colorants, Abamkanha give the bread a similar color to the whole wheat bread must-read written on the bread ingredients to make sure that actually, this product is full of wheat.
Bread lead to obesity so pleased with him favorite to abandon the truth is not always true
Bread is important for us as a provider of basic starches vehicle, and if it’s full of wheat is a source of fiber Algmaih should not abandon Alkhbz lead to obesity often put over the bread and quantity…
Toasts contains less calories than regular bread-Truth: This is Sahih bread toaster and a toaster than that of others containing a quantity of calories Nboukr water, as it is known there is no water heat values.
Fruits and vegetables Groups
The importance of vegetables and fruits Abahtoauha large amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber Algmaih class we find different vitamins and minerals, so we have different varieties consumption Mnha important fruits and vegetables consumption with Akecorha because most of the dietary fiber found crust.
But the importance of fruits and vegetables does not end here-research has shown a relationship between diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and between the lower pace of vascular disease, heart, cancer and other chronic diseases.
To pay attention to the distinction between fruits and vegetables is not a vegetarian, but due diet.
Fruit-vegetable term that refers to the part of the plant that contains “seed”
Vegetables-not a term of Botany, but hand part of the scientific concept of Alkhaddarhi fruits (tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, Abukado), including what he leaves (lettuce, cabbage)
Including flowers (Venus) or legs riddled (potatoes) or riddled roots (carrots, radishes, beets)
Food primary difference between fruit and vegetable intake is worth
Fruits contain more simple sugars (sugars mono and bi) so contain more calories, preferably including the ingredients that we consume less.
Why, it is advisable, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on the formation of color?
A variety of colors of vegetables and fruits originate from chemical compounds called public name
“Vegetarianism chemical compounds” (PHYTOCHEMICALS) of which 25,000 known compound.
One of its outstanding qualities is role as agents of antioxidant (ANTIOXIDANTS).
Antioxidants work to defuse labeled materials Radriqalat free.
This is a product of the free radicals reactions occur naturally in the body and can enter the body from the free Abamkanha damage to the walls of blood vessels and blood cells together, including the DNA. Is likely that in the plants also have anti-oxidation compounds that protect the genetic material of oxidizing compounds produced in cells that Allenbat each article provides different Protect, therefore, it is important to eat fruits and vegetables in different colors.
For example: tomatoes contain the Acopn, carrots, potatoes contain carotene.



source: Muscles bowel movement, which increases the speed of the passage of food in it