Top of the delicious dishes in Japan



Every city, every region in Japan is the home of some famous dishes. These special foods are very attractive for all the visitors coming to travel in Japan.

  1. Tokyo: Edo-mae zushi

Japan’s capital Tokyo is a famous city for Edo-mae zushi that is also known as sushi. This dish may sound simple in with a few slices of meat or raw seafood placed on a ball of rice. However, with the Japanese cuisine, it is as simple as requiring a delicate and marries. Therefore, to make the pieces fit beautifully sushi, tasty, the chef takes 7 year maturity trained on how to use knives and choose materials that my friends.

Sushi topped the list of famous food that you should try when coming to Japan. You especially do not miss the sushi conveyor in the sushi shop in Tokyo that is considered as an interesting culinary experience jog.

  1. Kyoto: Yudofu

Japan travelling through the famous dish is surely not to be missed with dishes Yudofu Kyoto. In fact, this is the dish “boiled tofu” familiar. However, “boiled tofu” in Kyoto is completely different from Vietnam or China, by cooking special dishes picky in the harmonization together.

Normally, we often boiled tofu with boiling water and left the poor fish sauce or soy until it is finished. However, Kyoto citizen is cooking very picky. They are parked in a pot of water security special stew, after that are cooked with beans and soak the spices.

  1. Osaka: Takoyaki

Not only the Japanese people, but tourists are very interested and passionate in the attractive street food. Takoyaki is made from octopus, scallions and pickled ginger seasoned flour. When cooking is done, the chef will give the ingredients in a hemispherical mold and when cooked. They will quickly turn it over to fry the other side pitches. Many Japanese tourists shared that eating Takoyaki chefs was an interesting experience.

Takoyaki is Osaka’s famous food and this is also the birthplace of this dish. As a result, when Japanese tourists enjoy the delicious food, do not forget to visit Osaka to eat Takoyaki genuine offline.

  1. Hiroshima: Okonomiyaki

The most famous dish is Hiroshima Okonomiyaki that is considered as a kind of Japanese pizza. Although this dish is derived from new Hiroshima Osaka, people are the chefs who taste the most delicious dishes.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki is composed of two layers. According to many chefs, the material is not mixed together as the other regions. First will be the class of filling meal then to include cabbage, sliced beef, octopus, peeled shrimp, cheese and pasta, finally a further layer of powder. When coated with a food will Okonomi and mayonnaise sauce, scallions, dried bonito on top. Cakes are not only delicious but the view of the chefs it was a pleasure that my friends.

  1. Okinawa: Chanpuru

Chanpuru fried bitter melon dish of Okinawa. If you think that is where bitter melon sautéed but not identical, to what must come to Okinawa to eat, then you were wrong then there sir. Chanpuru traditional dish of Okinawa made from the Japanese bitter melon fruit, small tofu, vegetables and a few other fish meat. If you enjoy once you will never forget the exotic flavor that gives this dish.



source: Top of the delicious dishes in Japan