Methods of prevention of food poisoning disease?


Methods of prevention of food poisoning disease:
1. Cooked foods not leave it long at room temperature up to prevent microbial growth and reproduction
2. Cooling-food after cooking at a temperature of less than 19:00, and it saved the refrigerator
3. Washing meat and poultry well during processing

  1. Periodic medical examinations to workers in the field of eating foods
    5. Access to food of sound sources in order to prevent the deployment of pollution
    6. Dimensions of injured workers and blisters and diarrhea from work
    Means poisoning cost?
    Means of transmission of different toxins by eating, drinking and digestive canal or through skin absorption or inhalation of gases

What do we mean sudden leap of technology?
Is a quote from the worlds and calling that Fardan can apply technology to solve any problem without the need to take into account economic factors, social or environmental These factors are called technological stabilizers
The importance of the family in environmental. Explain briefly?
Managed the family and its role in influencing the way in environmental dealing with technology and transformation function as a social unit of production
To consumption and change from rural life to urban life and the most important of all is change the size of the family and then the effect on the individual needs of the family and then the volume of pollutants that go out to the environmental
The importance of home construction from an environmental perspective?
Home building importance of an active and important role in the response to different environmental conditions and includes the role of the dwelling or unit home construction in the house, which must take into account public health design (air inside the housing _ lighting rooms) and to maintain heat and electricity and principles relating to health Macs, sanitation and ventilation
What is the meaning of the word sculpt and what shows in the era of time?
On the word of the sculpt is a sign of progress Architecture and the presence of advanced technology in the field of urbanism
Reasons that lead to social change?
1. Natural Environment
2. Biosphere
3. The use of technology
4. Cultural system
The effects of technology on the family?
Technology effects shown in the photograph, household tools and instruments as well as various entertainment and scientific discoveries in various fields and has had an effect on the functions of the family size

Basic Assumptions and issues that recast the family in the new format:
1. The social and technological change that leads to the base of the extended family’s disappearance
2. Practiced multiple effects of technological change on the family
3. Attendant social and technological change, change in marital relations and internal relations in the family
4. Concomitant change in family size change values concerning reproduction
5. The job of the family as a social unit turned to the production of consumption
Preserving the thermal energy in the home of factors?
1. Heating and efficiency of heating equipment efficiency
2. Optimum use of the heat falling or entering the home from abroad
3. Prevent heat leakage to the outside of the house as long as possible
Safety and accident prevention measures in the environmental school?
1. Availability of Pharmacy ready and clean and tidy
2. The training of health committees and activate its work within the school
3. School Construction Safety of things that may cause harm to students
There are some things that cause harm students in the school?
1. Glass and windows broken or electricity lamps broken
2. High windows do not have metal rods
3. Repair or digging around the school or
4. Training health committees and activate its work within the school
Factors derived from the Health Principles of Housing, housing and seen her that the World Health Organization?
1. Principles relating to the health needs
2. Principles relating to health Macs
3. Health requirements in the organization of the housing
4. The public health importance of trees and green crops

Adequate housing protection from exposure to the elements and vectors of communicable diseases through?
1. Water supply security
2. Health wool
3. Solid Waste Disposal
4. Filtration of surface water
5. Individual and household health