Meals models (Suggested Meal Plans) for Diabetes



Remember that these models are just a guide, it is best to consult a specialist or a dietitian at the hospital or community health center in your area so that puts to you or put food system that suits you best.

– 2/1 loaf of bread wheat (brown)
– (2) Homs large spoon or without soybean oil
– slices tomato and cucumber and sweet pepper
– tea without sugar (use artificial sweetener)
– cup milk with cocoa or Nescafe
– 200 grams of meat or boiled chicken or roast
– cooked vegetables (green beans or Molokhia)
– 2/1 cup rice
– Arab authority
– Dried Fruit
– 2/1 loaf of bread wheat (brown)
– 30 g white cheese
– tomato and cucumber slices
– tea without sugar (use artificial sweetener)
Snack at night
– piece of fruit

You can substitute any type of carbohydrate-rich foods or another type of protein foods, according to food alternatives system.

Medical and Health Care Diabetes (Looking after Diabetes):
The doctor, conduct tests to assess the health group, as it is with time cannot control diabetes well damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels. The fact that the doctor yearly checkups are the best way to investigate the evolution of any complications, and rapid treatment can avoid aggravating any damage.

Tests conducted by the doctor needs to:
1. Blood pressure, and repeated examination at every review, this test helps your doctor to note any signs of public health problems.
2. Weight, and be taken at each regular review, taking the weight helps your doctor to investigate any weight problems at an early stage.
3. Examine the feet and repeated every six months, the doctor examines the feet to make sure that there are no references to ulcers, infections or something abnormal, if you notice any of these signs should review the foot specialist (Podiatrist).
4. Examine special-called blood (HbAlc) is repeated once every period (3-4 months). Your doctor may refer you to conduct this examination to evaluate the extent of public control have increased glucose in the blood.
5. Examination of cholesterol and triglycerides and repeated once every (12 months), which is a blood test your doctor to refer you to investigate the proportion of fat in your blood.
6. Examination of the kidneys is repeated once every (12 months), a screening refer you to your doctor to check the presence of early signs of kidney problems due to diabetes, but this test is a urine sample analysis.
7. Eyes checked and repeated every time (12-24 months), are examined by an ophthalmologist (refer you to your doctor) or Optometry specialist and corrected to make sure there is no damage to the blood vessels in the back of the eyes.
And remember that good control of diabetes reduces the likelihood of the emergence of diabetic complications, and you can help to avoid complications or delay the occurrence of the following means:
– Eating healthy food, make the most of what you eat carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, bread and cereals do not deal with very little fatty foods
– Regularly do some physical activity
– Non-Smoking, Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels, which in turn can cause other damages
– Lose your feet every day
It should be noted that diabetes care to have the participation and aid your interested (family members and health workers and medical) the best way to help control diabetes well.

The proportion of blood glucose control:
The goal of diabetes control is to keep the blood glucose (no sugar) have the natural boundaries (of 72-144 mg / dl) (72-144 mg / dl) or as close as possible to this rate, and make your blood glucose screening in regular basis, that you and your doctor monitor your diabetes.
source: Meals models (Suggested Meal Plans) for Diabetes