The attractive places to visit in Hawaii


Besides enjoying the strong sun and the beach in Hawaii, the Hawaii also had several attractive place awaits visitors to explore.

  1. The USS Arizona Memorial

This is a symbol for the pain and pride of the US Navy. The USS Arizona Memorial is a place for people to remember the sailors who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II. Unique features of this historic relic are visitors can stand looking down from the top station of the water and found the wreck of Arizona was sunk. USS Arizona fought very valiantly with the crew until it was bombed and completely broken. Today, the USS Arizona Memorial is home to many visitors on the island of Hawaii, a historic live forever with time.

  1. Waikiki

However, in recent years has been Waikiki beach attracts tourists from many continents by its wild beauty. This is a narrow beach with a population of less and focus is more souvenir booths by Asians sale. Beach with white sand stretches, add more coconut trees rising sea in the wind curved shade for tourists is playing. Sea is very clean and beautiful Waikiki strange in the eyes of tourists.

Was voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in North America, marine Ka‘anapali annually attract millions of visitors arriving in Hawaii. This beach is famous for shoreline clean, smooth sand and large waves pounding the shore. Visitors to the beach Ka‘anapali are often to swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing or playing wait watching the sunset. In particular, this beach is also a place usually held the camp at night. Pink flames surrounding the dancers revel in Hula dance in loud cheers of excited tourists.

  1. Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay was named the underwater paradise for tourists diving enthusiasts disciplines. Arc-shaped bay, the bay is recognized worldwide as the place protected natural underwater animals. To the Bay, guests will definitely amazed by thousands of fish swim around underwater. The swim feature is very close friends with vivid colors. Coral Bay is also suitable for snorkeling visitors to look up all of the beauty of this place. Without diving gear available, travelers can easily rent at shops right on the bay.

  1. Diamond Head State Monument

Located on the island of Oahu, an island of Hawaii, the 3rd largest in the howling wind Peak always in a state of bustling tourists. They come here because this place fairy scene. If seen from a distance, the mountains in the mist fades and sparkle like diamonds are carefully. If already on the mountain, visitors will witness a spectacle of Peak Wind special. It is a mountain that position when the wind blew inshore cage stood there, hear the screams and the roar of the mountain, but if you come out of that area, it will all come back and calm winds.

Plynesia Cultural Center is also known as the cultural center of the island of Oahu Polynesia that is a place where visitors should go to if you do not have time to travel around the island in Hawaii. Besides, tourists can see the compelling performances and enjoy the delicious food at this place. In a special way, tourists can take photos with the ethnic groups in their typical clothes beside the scene was changed to resemble the island that this tribe live.

  1. King Kamehameha I statue

If you want to learn courtesy and culture of Hawaii through the period, the first destination of the journey is perhaps the statue of King Kamehamela I.Growing up he became the leader island of Hawaii. After years of war, he has incorporated the island again and tried to develop it.

  1. Iolani Palace

Built in the years 1879-1882, in Hawaii Iolani Palace is one of the beautiful palaces remaining in the world and is also the only Royal Palace in the United States. With its unique architecture, including the crypt inside Iolani Palace should be preferred by many tourists as well as the look of its historical value. After a state of the United States, the Iolani Palace is a place to keep a trace of your Hawaiian royalty. It is also home to two of Hawaii’s last king. Tourists come here often to visit and bedroom area of the crypt under the old Royal.