Health food and sports


Health food and sports

Recently appeared in a recent pamphlet under the title of author Dr. Fawzia Al-Awadi, given the importance of this topic and its relevance to our daily lives, dear reader, I wanted to touch on what it in such a short newsletter with some brevity of hand and some of the additions on the other hand.
Health, as defined by the World Health Organization is Kamal’s physical and mental and social situation and not necessarily the absence of disease Maintaining body weight naturally essential factor to achieve a sense of health because it gives an indication that a person consumes energy in food is equal to consumer needs for this energy, as well as the increase weight (obesity) or deficiency (slim) for normal supplies are among the sick, to the accompanying symptoms different and the deteriorating health condition of the human being.
Obesity is a key factor Assistant to injury the following diseases:
1 – Arthritis and eaten by a private joints underlying body weight.
2 – The pain of the spine.
3 – Heart disease and hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.
4 – Diabetes.
5 – Inflammation of bile and gallstones.
6 – Fatty liver and Aatlalh (Palaces liver function).
7 – Kings disease (gout).
8 – Dyspepsia.
Not to mention the tendency to lethargy and laziness and dullness of mind and lack of vitality and feeling of tiredness and shortness of breath in addition to the health problems caused by obesity, which they also cause a lot of social problems that are reflected on the owner’s worst payoff, to deteriorate in the end, his health and physical and psychological.
Also, the slim disease weakens the ability of the human immune and reduces efficiency in the completion of his work and his ability to focus. If you, dear reader, thin, but does not suffer from this symptom Venhafetk, these are called healthy Bnhafah. As well as that you should search for causes and treatment.
Natural weigh can be calculated by discounting the number one hundred of length or more accurate method which is divided by the current weight in kilograms by height square Surface If the result of the division of more than 28.3 for men or more than 27.3 for women, this guide to weight gain and therefore you, dear reader, in this case the exercise of activities Sports and follow the dietary guidelines for weight loss, which we will discuss it later.
Human weight usually results from the outcome of two main factors:

1 – The amount or the amount of energy received by the body from food.
2 – Amount of energy consumed by the body or puts it in different types of motor activity.
If Alkmytan equal weight was perfect and if the initial amount increased for the second quantity there was an increase in weight (obesity) and vice mean weight loss (thinnest).
Can get rid of excess weight by following a low-level energy diet accompanied by practicing the kind of sport or physical activity? It is the best way to lose weight and maintain weight gain where the body benefit from the advantages resulting from changing dietary habits and developed in order to achieve health and fitness and gain strength, vitality and activity, and leads regularity in practice the sport to increase fitness and get enough different nutrients through parallel regimens private decrease as the means to acquire the right fitness with the correct weight to the desired level.
The question arises: Can a low energy for all who want to lose weight diet plan? Of course you cannot unified diet plan followed all obese, but there are many special diets weight loss is subject to planning for many of the individual variables that vary from patient to patient. These factors are gender, age, height, the rate of increase in weight, the amount of physical activity, the nature of the food taste individual dietary habits of public and correct the situation, and if the victim is obese suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach ulcer, the lack of a nutrient such as iron, calcium or disturbances in the work of hormonal glands or food allergies.
But it can be guided by some general dietary guidelines and rules in the development of dietary habits in order to get rid of obesity and continue to maintain the new weight gain are as follows:
To identify the energy value (price) of different food types to differentiate between them when ingested until you choose low-calorie foods and avoid high-calorie foods and build on this food base you, dear reader,
As follows:
(A) Avoid meat fat ducks, geese, pigeons, Mortadella and choose lean meat (Caldek turkey, chicken, fish and red meat).
(B) Avoid eating full-fat dairy products and cheese, milk and yoghurt and delete butter, cream and ice cream diets and eating milk and skimmed milk prepared from low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese and milk intake without sweeten with sugar.
(C) Not to eat breads Almajunp full-fat milk and sugar, because the taste may also be tempted to eat more of them, despite the feeling of satiety.