Food has an important role in human life



Food has an important role in human life associated with mental development or maintains their health or to protect him from the disease or the necessary energy saving, according to the daily needs them.
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Next importance of nutrition, namely:
– To keep the body in good health
– Maintaining the human race
– Work product performance and optimism

Essam Aweidah believes that can be summarized functions that can be performed by the nutrients in the human body, according to the following:
– Supply the body with the necessary energy to do the objects of different activity
– Providing the body to build new tissue and maintenance of the damaged ones and renew materials
– Necessary to regulate biological processes (body functions) within the body Regulate Body Process
– Protect the body from infectious diseases to raise the performance level of the immune system in humans

Confirms Hontal Toulon Bage Chantal that you should take into account nutritional balance in meals, and it can even achieve the following objectives of nutrition:
– Body Building
– Appropriate power to maintain normal body temperature and cold resistance
– Work product performance in the community
– The organization of biological processes in the body

It can determine the main functions of food for humans in the most important the following points:

First, prepare the body energy:
Extend Algmaih- fat elements, carbohydrates, Albrocinat- body with energy he needs to maintain his health and the continuation of his life, both in the waking or sleeping state. Man consumes energy also in his sleep to perform basic biological processes involuntary to maintain his life and that heart and blood circulation, breathing and continued stomach movement and intestines and maintain body temperature, which is known as the rate of metabolism basic or alkaline (BMR).
As human needs energy to lead aspects of its activities related to work or study or associated with leisure or sport, and therefore increases the need for energy in the waking state than in the case of sleep required energy represents to carry out the activity muscle. Muscular Activity considerable amount of the total body’s energy needs, and that the more increased the volume and intensity of activity increased need for energy, so the athletes need to be in power more than non-athletes, and lead a moderate intensity activity in the need to be in power than those characterized by apathy or lack of movement sedentary person.

As well as the amount of energy that a person needs for different age levels vary, so the children and adolescents they need more to how much energy their peers than adults so as to meet the needs of development and the elderly be in need less than the amount of energy than they were in need who are in the prime of life or in earlier stages of age.
The amount of energy that a person needs to do the requirements of daily life according to sex, sex also vary, males need greater amounts of energy than needed by females in the same age group has the results of scientific studies have indicated that the metabolic rate of the grassroots women, including approximately (6% – 1 %) for what it is in men.

As well as the human energy consumption varies depending on weather conditions Climate or in different seasons of the year. In the winter, the need for more power for the summer or spring, so as to resist the cold and provide heating for the body and maintain a degree of natural. Temperature has been scientific studies have indicated that the metabolic basal rate at the same climatic conditions areas tropical climate at a rate of at least 1% of what is in cold regions.

Rights and gets on the amount of energy needed for daily life of exporters, namely: food or tissues and cells Algesmm except that in the case of receiving a proper diet to the size of its activities and the daily need for his body it would not be in need of tissues and cells of the body consumption by oxidized for energy with no complaint from some diseases that lead to it
Potential energy. Potiential Energy is stored in the human body glycogen liver, muscle and adipose tissue Adipose Tissues and turn this potential energy to the most important images of the following in order to lead the body and its functions, namely:
– Thermal Energy Thermal Energy: used to regulate body temperature
– Electrical power Electrical Energy: The purpose of which is to transfer and delivery of nerve impulses from one nerve cell to another cell.



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