The amazing Safari Parks in Thailand



Safari Park in Bangkok, Thailand is from 12 km, which is fascinating attractions that visitors can not miss the trips to the land of the Golden Temple.

This is the largest natural zoo that is opened in Asia. It is covering an area of about 69ha of land with more than 75 species of mammals, 300 species of birds from Africa and Asia with featured animals around the world.

Forest Park Safari World is open daily to visitors from 10 hours to 18 hours in two areas: outdoor wild zoo and amusement park.

The zoo is re-divided into two sub-zones to feed the animals eat grass, leaves or insects (Premiers) separate isolation with predator species (predators). On visiting the zoo, visitors must sit out car closed with dedicated vehicles of zoo management and navigational assistance when necessary. Ders and vehicles moved slowly on the dirt roads, on every road crossing, travelers that can enjoy watching many species of birds and animals which are living in herds alive. Gated subdivision gentle animal is simply a sound barrier checkpoints have blocking.

Welcoming guests at the entrance near the ostrich birds are released each tread lightly. Next is the home of the deer, men, chamois that they are found shade in the painting tents, or another firefight in the shadow of trees. Deer are arranged in the appropriate place with their high necks, with stops on the floor for visitors. In addition to buying beverages, one can buy beet carrot here to take hands at the mouth of deer cute cotton dot. In the area of ponds, marshes, as well as mud is the appropriate place for the hippos, water buffalo and birds drowning fish hunt. Nearby is the rare white rhinoceros weighing several tons resting under a tree, they half closed eyes in bright sunlight …

In subdivision, beasts is carefully fenced with wire mesh, iron gates at 4 meters that is higher above barbed wire to prevent wild animals escaped to the outside danger to the region and gentle animals. On the other hand, there is a special vehicle fire electrical impulse in parts arranging for timely handling of unexpected situations when animals endanger visitors. In this zone, every road vehicle through the woodlands or dense dust clumps, or large rocks, visitors can see above is the hornbeam trees, also reported below are the tiger, lion, bears…

Wild animals here do not have the capital or shy at the park or the National Zoo. Tourists can take pictures while watching both delight swarms giraffe calmly walking around the area which are thatched shack forest. Some clouded leopard fur lying dim on roadside trees is not sad budge when listening English passing car. Beside small stream gurgling roadside, forest paint princess colonies are relaxing bath water slapping has claw back mottled plumage characteristics.

After the visit to the zoo, visitors should visit amusement parks to see the circus dolphins (Dolphin show) with the repertoire dolphin fin greet the audience in advance making the ball through the nose, kicked the ball by the tail, the whole flock flew out of the water release through the loop hanging overhead, juggling actors into the air…



source: The amazing Safari Parks in Thailand