How To Prepare For Travel and To Stay On Course While on Vacation



Since I am failing miserably at maintaining a strict paleo diet while on vacation, I am going to write a paleo diet travel post aimed at self-motivating at training myself to remain on track. It is difficult to stay the course while travelling because you are not fully in control especially when you go to meet your mother.

Since arriving in Portugal and explaining the paleo diet to my mother, I have endured the question “Do you eat….?” Everything from do you eat grilled chicken, do you eat grapes, are you sure you don’t want a little cake (about 8 times so far) and ice-cream (I must admit the ice-cream in my hometown at the ice-cream shop that has been in the same place since 1946 is phenomenal.) I can safely say I have been paleo 70% of the time, but I can’t decline home cooked food.

And there are the friendly invitations from friends for lunch and dinner. Portugal is a feeder population. You go to your friend’s house and in spite calm explanations that you don’t eat carbs, a piece of delicious cake will be placed in front of you. (I can resist for about 4 hours and then it just becomes torture). And though the main fare here is plainly cooked fish and meat, a lot of cream goes into the cooking, and I have to assess the times it may be indelicate to ask.

How To Prepare For Paleo Diet Air Travel

  1. It all has to start the day before you are to set foot on a plane. Go to the supermarket and buy lots of healthy snacks. Carrots, beef jerky, grapes are my favorite. Buy 3 times more than you think you will need. Plane food, if provided, just gets worse and worse. On long distance flights, you get so bored that food, no matter how bad it is, is entertainment.
  2. Just say NO. No, no, no. No to airplane food. It’s not made with your health in mind. In fact, the weird concoctions they come up with in planes, you really wonder if there is a committee of absurd airplane food. Keep eating your snacks.


When on Vacation, How to Better Control Your Food Choices

  1. Stick to the Basics. Fruits, grilled fish and meat and steamed vegetables. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter what sauces, if any, are in the dishes.
  2. Find the nearest grocery store and stock up the mini bar. Buy locals fruits and paleo friendly snacks to avoid those moments of extreme hunger that happen while on vacation and lead you to the nearest snack bar to stuff your face.
  3. It is important to be realistic too. If you are in an exotic location, with phenomenal food choices, the best may be to decide to allow yourself to taste the local goodness at dinner or lunch. And then at other times control your eating. This way you can eat paleo most of the time but still partake in the local foods, to fully experience your vacation.
  4. Stay away from cocktails (mojitos, margaritas, sangria, caipirinhas, amongst others). These are notoriously laden with sugar, sugary substances and liquors that are made with the most diverse ingredients. Stick to wine or simple alcohol.
  5. If people invite you to their house for a meal, if you are not close it is hard to send a list of pre-requisites. The best option is to eat Paleo friendly foods beforehand and eat plenty so that you can better control your food intake. I don’t think it is rude to say I cannot eat this and this BUT there is a limit. At some point you may alienate your hosts and make them feel very uncomfortable.

What to do When Your Mother Is Torturing You With Food or When Your Grandmother Invites Your Over.

  1. I have no idea Lol. My mother has offered cakes on several occasions and yesterday made Kibe. I couldn’t say no to the Kibe but have reiterated on several occasion the parameters of my paleo diet and tonight she offered grilled chicken.
  2. You cannot say no to your grandmother. You just can’t. Its your grandmother and all the reciprocal love and attention isn’t enough.



source: How To Prepare For Travel and To Stay On Course While on Vacation