Procedures and experience for the first time you go abroad



Do you want to register a foreign travel passport expiry date of 6 months. If yes, you must provide the necessary documents and images under the current provisions of the Embassy or Consulate for visa abroad. If you contact the company tour in the prestigious tour operator, the tour may include the procedures necessary for your overseas trip.

With China trip for the family, you may refer to here.

The experts of some tourism companies have some helpful advice. As a result, you should try to bring less baggage so that you can carry away suitcase or on only about 20 kg (sent in planes) and 5 kg hand luggage free charges. Be careful with the weather so that you can bring appropriate clothing. You should not forget to bring any papers related to immigration. For double declaration, you must retain the rear declaration to the exit procedures in the country.

Price in the hotel laundry is high abroad, so you should bring a compact presses. Besides, you need to bring personal items such as drugs, hair dryers, shavers, toothbrushes, toothpaste … Should you choose low shoes that are suitable for walking. You should also bring sufficient batteries and film cameras from your country, then the image will be cheaper than water washing.

You should bring US dollars, then exchange money at the airport for conveniently shopping in their countries to. When shopping, if shopping at the supermarket, you should mentally calculate their cost of goods purchased under the your country‘s current rate because of huge price difference. If you get a purchase in the store or the mall, you should bargain, especially in China. The price is usually 1/3 to 1/4 the price down, sometimes even lower than the price the seller said challenge.

When buying goods in bulk, electronic goods may be worth more than 300 dollars. Therefore, you will have to pay taxes and freight (if any). When traveling in groups, you try not to separate, easy to get lost; when separated groups should inform tour guide said.

For passports, as well as the important documents, cash and personal property of great value, remember to always take with you or send secured at the hotel, not in the room, in case of theft.

If you get out of the hotel, make sure to carry cards or draw diagrams way to the hotel, the room while getting lost. When going out in public places, you pay attention not to smoking and littering because if you are not careful, you can be punished very severely.

In conclusion, travelling is a fantastic way to help you leave all your stress behind after the hard working day. However, you should be deserved to get a great trip with your money. That is reason why you must very pay attention to make a plan as well as research all the information about the destination that you want to get. Hope that these useful advices will become the good supports for you to travel abroad.


source: Procedures and experience for the first time you go abroad