Preparing the baggage for travelling Canada


To enjoy completely a trip in the Canada should you review the below information.

The two official languages of Canada are English Federation and French. The vast majority of people living in the French-speaking province of Quebec followed by Ontario, Manitoba and News Brunswick.

  1. Prepare:

– Good healthy.

– Proof of the visa officials that you have the “bound” in your country as work, home, family and you will return home after the trip.

– Have sufficient funds for travel in Canada.

– Purpose of travel in Canada is reasonable.

– Invitations (letter of invitation) from friends or companies in Canada

– Judicial records well.

The difference between a tourist visa with one time and travel visas multiple times.

There are two types of visas (visa) Tour: one times (single-entry visa) and several times (multiple-entry visa). Visas are valid for one certain time period and cannot be used when the visa expires.

  • Tourist Visas one time (single-entry visa): This visa allows you to Canada only one single time.

When the gate to Canada, customs officials (Canada Border Services Agency) will decide again that you have met all the requirements to enter Canada or not. Officials will ask how long you intend to stay in Canada. Note that 06 months is the longest time, you can stay in Canada in the form of tourism.

Deadline is the day you must leave Canada will be printed on your visa. If you leave Canada before the visa expires, when you want to return to Canada to apply for a new tourist visa.

  • Tourist visas repeatedly (Multiple-entry visa):

This visa allows you to Canada several times when the visa has not expired. This visa may be valid for longer than the visa 1 times.

The visa shall specify the number of times you are allowed to enter Canada. You must arrive in Canada before your visa expires. You cannot get this visa if your passport is valid for a shorter period of visa. If the passport near expiration, you please change the passport then please apply for visas.

  1. Visa

Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is where temporary visas (temporary visa) include tourist visa for Vietnam. The wait time to a visa is about 30 days.

Visa include a passport valid for at least six months, birth certificate, ID card, household registration, certificate of marital status, the documents that aims at proving to officials that your visa there are “bound” in your original country such as work, home, family and you will return home after the trip.

All paperwork must be translated into English and certified by the local. Visa fee is 90 dollars the fee is non-refundable.

If the record is denied, how to solve the problem?

If the record is denied you will receive a letter stating the reasons is denied, you can apply again. However, make sure that the information or documents you provide must be “new” than the previous times. If not, file your visa application will be refused again.

According to the law on the provision of personal information, the Department of Immigration officials would not discuss the case with anyone else (unless allowed from the applicant).

  1. Baggage

There are general regulations for international traveler to know. That includes do not let sharp objects, metal (small scissors, fruit paring knife, clippers, nail files …)  that must be placed in checked baggage.

You do not need to bring plenty of food stockpiling in Canada as there are many restaurants of France, Japan and China.

However, even to go to Canada in the summer or winter, visitors should bring warm clothes because many areas of the world is under 2 degree in  Canada The average temperature in the summer  is around 25-26 degrees, but the temperature was not stable.

  1. Weather and Climate

Canada Climate known by cold weather and snow, but in fact Canada’s climate is also quite diverse as the landscape in Canada. Normally the milder temperatures in spring and autumn in Canada is highlighted by the leaves that often turn orange and red.