Explore Yakushima island-green paradise of Japan


Yakushima aka Nine Snail Island is considered as a beautiful island of Japan with strange pentagon. It is renowned as a unique tropical forest primeval system that is valuable and ancient, and this place has ever been recognized as a world natural heritage.

The natural environment of the island is an attraction for many tourists who are forward to visiting and studing in Japan each year.

Yakushima is located in the south of Kyushu and is part of the district Kagoshima. Tanegashima is separated by the Strait from Vincennes to the island’s highest mountain that has a height of 1,935 m Myanoura.Subtropical climate and annual rainfall from 4000 to 10.000mm gave birth Yakushima variety of plant diversity richest Japan.

  1. Primitive system in the island is considered the oldest

Vegetation on the island of Yakushima is divided by height. On the area of 200-800m, there are a lot of trees such as Tabu. In the 1,600m altitude is the home for famous cedar species called Yakusugi live.

Among them, there is a tree called Jomon Sugi whose dimensions measured is around 16.4m. In Japan, the Jomon period began about 12,000 years BC to the third century BC. Plant trees with long life expectancy on the island of Yakushima are a source of valuable assets for the study of botany and ecology.

  1. The cedar thousand years is considered the jewel of Yakushima

Besides, Yakushima is also known for 50 special flowers. The same flower that only meets the new islands, as well as hundreds of species of moss on the rocks also covered you in the woods. The northwest island has the most hours of sunshine in all the islands of this region.

  1. Many scientists come to Yakushima to study a unique ecosystem here

Besides the abundant vegetation,this place also concentrated mainly along the 13 kilometers of Seibu-rindo Forest Path forest running from east to west across the island. In addition, the island also has many kinds of birds that you are threatened with extinction in the world, as the Ryukyu robin type or thrush Izu.

  1. Toroki majestic waterfall

Toroki Falls is a destination which you cannot ignore when to Yakushima. This is a waterfall flowing directly into the sea. The two operators are the cliffs, sea level rise will echo down the roaring waterfall creates a majestic white color.

Plant trees with long life expectancy on the island of Yakushima are a source of valuable assets for the study of botany and ecology. Yakushima majestic forests and bushy have been inspired by the classic animated film Princess Mononoke. Conditions of great ecological and freshness of Yakushima is probably cause people here as one where the highest life expectancy in Japan. Make a time to come here to explore the ancient and valuable ecosystems to love and cherish more natural environment in which we are

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