Experience for travelling abroad at the first time


The first time traveling abroad must have your very worried and embarrassed because you do not know to bring what type of items, luggage and papers. In this article, we would like to share some experience for the first time you travel abroad.

  1. You should bear in mind to bring the important paper

To get a foreign trip where you are necessarily favorable, you must make sure not to forget any other document relating to immigration issues such as identity papers, passports… You must keep double back the declaration to facilitate the exit procedures in the country. As for the overseas visitors have to be take in charge of declaring to customs papers, immigration papers and needs to prepare new 4 x 6 in case visa to go abroad.

One more note for you that you always carry your identification, cash, valuable assets side to avoid unfortunate situations occur causing difficulties for your own immigration.

  1. About luggage

Whenever traveling, you always want to take plenty of luggage and supplies, personal belongings but when traveling abroad you should bring as little luggage. Since luggage on the plane only allows about 20 kg and 5 kg notebook is. As a result, you need to pay attention to the climatic conditions of the country you travel to choose the most suitable outfit. In addition, you should note to yourself that if you carry valuable items such as diamond jewelry, expensive cameras… then you must declare to customs.

Laundry abroad is priced quite high, so you need to carry a small iron. Besides, you should also bring some other utility items such as medicines, hair dryer, personal items, comfortable low-heeled shoes, hat, camera … Try to bring the battery to fully prepare according to not miss a beautiful scene in the tour.

  1. About cash

You need to bring US dollars and will change money at the airport of the country you come for shopping convenience, as well as allow you to use in different country. To save money and avoid buying high-priced goods, you pay a price lower than the price they offer pretty much, can pay down to half the original price in the buying process.

  1. Other Considerations

When going out traveling, you have to carry a map and address of your hotel to prevent the case was lost. As to the public, you absolutely should not smoke, do not litter because you will be fined a lot of money. When you buy goods in bulk, or purchase electronic items valued at $ 300, you must pay taxes.

Do not arbitrarily separated from tourist groups this action will be very easy lead you to get lost. If you want yourself excursions, you must report back to the tour guide and you must ensure yourself not get lost…

With the experience that company Southern Star Tours we share, hope this will help many foreign trip full of fun of each visitor. Convinced with the experience that we accumulated Tourism Southern Star will be the first unit to bring foreign tour best for each customer.

source: http://24hcom.net/