Definition of health


World Health Organization has proposed a definition of health, has become a place most concerned with health and education matters bodies agreement, and became traded on a large scale, and the concept of health as defined in that environment is, “the event that the individual sound of the physical, mental, psychological, social and not merely the absence of his body from disease and infirmity.”
And the state of health through this definition shows us that there is a close link between physical and mental, psychological and social health, and safety of the individual’s health include all of these dimensions as this concept supports the positive in the definition, it is not considered a health Once free from diseases or disabilities or situations deficit and palaces , but points out that there are varying degrees of health be it an individual, Talo him to better health, happiness and good grades, as there are varying degrees of the disease landing him to the lowest levels
In doing so, we find that dealing with health fitness full body, and sanity, health and emotional reactions that make it possible that the individual scoring the highest kind of active life, and give him the reasons for the successful social life
In other words This definition refers to the concept of health is based on the perfect physical, mental, psychological and social … all in one frame to achieve the unity of the individual as the human unit integrated varying composed of body and mind and spirit, and that organism that lives in the community and not isolated by the following is a review of something perfect illustration concept Alibdnyo psychological and social:
Physical perfection:
Intended to perfect the individual’s physical development as a whole as far as possible within the limits of physical abilities at each stage of the life cycle, and can be tailored so as follows:
1. safety and health of organs and systems of different body, which consists of:
(A) Skeletal:
Including the bones and joints of the link between it and make possible the movement
(B) Musculature:
Which includes all muscles of the body which is the basis of human movement and the movement of human traffic is each of its members, whether this movement involuntarily first involuntarily
(C) Circulatory system:
Which carries food and oxygen through the vessels to the various parts of the body also carries waste products from the cells to the point of discharge in the body, including the heart and arteries, veins and capillaries
(D) The respiratory system:
And function of the main draw of oxygen to the body from the air and output of carbon dioxide and includes the lungs, the people and alveoli
(E) The nervous system:
1. “Leader” Top and issues orders, and manages the organization is doing everything human, including the brain and spinal cord and nerve network and nerve cells of the human body
And other organs, the senses and the various devices that make up the human body multiple Bdqaugaha
2. The efficiency of the body to do its job under stressful working conditions, as each person needs a certain amount of fitness can do the demands of his profession plus part of the energy as a reserve for emergencies in different circumstances
3. Kinetic ability to perform various activities and this requires a sufficient degree of compatibility, strength and agility that help in carrying out these activities

Perfect psychological:
Intended psychological perfect or “mental health,” the enjoyment of internal stability and the ability to reconcile the desires and objectives, and the physical and social in which they live the facts, and be well able to withstand the crises of life and difficulties, and it appears evident in his quiet dominated by faith in God and the comfort and confidence and contentment and satisfaction , and the lack of mental health is complete, appears in excessive sensitivity of the individual and the many doubts, and his tendency to introversion and isolation and pessimism or rebellion against the others and abuse and lack of faith in spiritual values and ideals.