10 Delicious specialties in Philippines



Philipines is one of the very nice country in the world that is famous for  so much famous specialities. Visitting in Philippines, visitors not only can enjoy the sightseeing but also have a great chance to taste the great dishes. Philippine Cuisine has influenced on many neighboring countries. However, there are distinctions in the use of raw materials, spices and processed.

  1. Lumpia:

Save spring rolls often appear in Chinese cities where there are a lot of people living in the Philippines. The section staff actually consists of cement mixed minced chicken or shrimp grinder, spices, then rolled in bread rolls and fried. Lumpia often served with shallots or leeks preterm same kind of sweet sauce made from soy. Sometimes, this dish is spicy sambal sauce dotted with sweet or eaten with fresh peppers.

  1. Sinigang:

This is a sweet and sour soup, nutty that is one of the specialties. Tamarind sauce and lemon juice bring calamansi characterize sinigang sour taste combined with the sweetness of bacon, taste of vegetables and little bars of coconut water immediately.

  1. Lechon:

This is a familiar dish in a party or special occasion. Pigs were roasted whole over charcoal until the yellow skin cumbersome, part sweet soft flesh. Pork chop pieces and dot with liver sauce.

  1. Pancit Palabok:

This dish is very popular food that is combined  with shrimp, pork, boiled eggs, green onions and shrimp sauce over pasta and sprinkle aromatic rice.  Almost visitors who come to visit the Philippines also admitted that this is really wonderful food that you cannot ignore.

  1. Adobo:

The meal of Filipinos is often indispensable Adobo. In particular, pork or chicken is cooked with vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices until ripe. Adobo is also very affordable meal with white rice.

  1. Sisig:

The little pork meat is actually used as defense, cheek meat and liver…that is shredded, mixed with onions, peppers, eggs. Sisig can be processed in many ways, fried or steamed and then grilled. This dish is fragrant attractive, very crunchy with chewy taste of beer.

  1. Kaldereta:

This past stew is made from goat, but now thousands of visitors can use beef or pork instead. The meat is sliced to boil simmered with potatoes, tomatoes and more liver sauce, creating flavor, aromatic.

  1. Rice Grilled chicken:

Chicken is marinated lemon, cranberry water, salt, pepper and garlic, spread a layer of Annatto seed oil and roasted over charcoal. Chicken is usually eaten with white rice.

  1. Leche flan cake:

This is the sweet dessert, is made of soft condensed milk and eggs.

  1. Halo-halo:


Another option for halo-halo dessert was halo- halo. This dish is often more vivid colors including caramel, milk, ice cream, shaved ice, add dried fruit, beans, pearl which is shown in the cup or coconut. There was nothing great with the fact that you are enjoying a glass of halo-halo cool midday that is heated in Philippines.

source: http://24hcom.net/