The Best weight Loss Program


The key to remaining motivated along your weight loss program is somewhat like the fuel in your automobile; you don’t need a full tank of motivation to begin your journey of losing weight.

Most people when exercising to achieve their goal of losing weight often view their loss of motivation as a predictive sign of failure of the workout. This is a false conception.

In fact if you’re on an exercise program and have found yourself experiencing a loss in motivation, the first thing you should do is to take a break of 2 – 3 days from the workout or diet plan before resuming to allow yourself to stay on track and keep your level of motivation at its optimum.



One of the best ways to keep motivated during your weight loss workouts is to set a series of realistic goals for the success of your weight loss program and diet plan from the very start. Setting unrealistic goals such as losing 50 pounds in a matter of 3 months is really just setting yourself up for failure.

Instead always set a simple and achievable plan to bring about a permanent weight loss and lifelong vitality. You’ll be more likely to stick with your diet and exercise plan once you focus on your health by creating a few more realistic and attainable goals to keep yourself motivated such as losing 3 pounds to fit into that pair of jeans or dress, to create the self-assurance you’ll need to keep yourself going.

There’s no getting around it. In order for you to maintain an effective weight loss program, you need to not only exercise regularly but also to maintain a healthy eating habit. Exercising allows you to torch those excess calories and build your muscles which is an important component to increasing your metabolism rate to increase the rate of your calorie burn which translates to more fat loss.

Some of the best known weight loss exercise


Walking to lose weight, is highly regarded by most physicians and fitness trainers, walking is an ideal exercise to stimulate weight loss and doesn’t require the use of any additional equipment or membership fees.

All you need is the right pair of walking shoes and a few minutes out of your daily schedule.

Walking which is primarily a low-frequency exercise activity is safely recommended for persons with certain health issues such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes as a means to better overall health promote weight loss and even impact an improved mental well being.


Swimming to lose weight, can burn between 400 – 700 calories per hour. Whether it’s the front crawl, breast stroke or the dog paddle, all swimming techniques are effective exercises that aid you in burning those excess calories for stimulating weight loss and toning those muscles.

One of the most common questions asked by persons looking to lose weight is “What is the best weight loss workout, and why?”

The best weight loss workouts comprises of weight loss workouts that includes a mix of weight training along with a series of cardio training routines while maintaining proper diet plans to lose weight. Most persons when training to lose weight will generally exercise strictly by recognizing either a cardio or weight training routine. However by learning to properly incorporate both methods of training into a single workout you’ll be able create and maintain a well-designed weight loss routine. Combining cardio and strength training for your weight loss workout plan requires a highly individualized approach based on your primary goals, physique and daily activities or chosen sport.

One of the first things you should consider is whether you want to focus just on losing weight or muscle gain. Trying to simultaneously focus on both goals will likely result in a loss in motivation for your workout not to mention the added frustration of your unrealized goals and even possible injury from over training.

If your main goal is permanent weight loss, you’ll need to burn a significant amount of calories to promote a sustainable weight loss management. In fact, in order for you to lose one pound each week, it is important for you to create what is known as a 3,500 – calorie deficit which simply putting it means that you will need to burn 3,500 more calories than you consume. Walking briskly for 30 minutes will allow you to burn about 120 calories, so for you to lose 1 pound of fat you’ll need to do at least 2 hours of daily of power walking per week.

Now I’m not suggesting that you spend two hours exercising every day as the best way to lose weight is by creating a calorie deficit which is gained by burning calories through exercise and cutting the amount of calories you normally eat within your diet.

It’s like this. Let’s say for the next week you’ll cut 250 calories from your daily diet by switching from mayonnaise to mustard on your lunch sandwich and having a light yogurt snack instead of that bar of snickers chocolate. At the same time burn an extra 250 calories by taking a 30 – 60 minute power walk.

Having a healthy weight loss diet plan along with your weight loss workout is the crucial factor which will determine whether or not your weight loss workout plans will be effective. All the cardio training, weight lifting and running you’ll do won’t mean a thing if you’re taking in huge amounts of calories, particularly from the wrong food types like sugars.

When trying to lose weight quickly, an effective weight loss program should include a diet plan with a calorie intake of no more than a daily count of 500 calories below your body’s maintenance level which can be calculated via a resting metabolic rate calculator. Maintaining diet plans to lose weight, such as this one will allow your body to burn fat instead of muscle mass, cycling your carbohydrates to produce the nutrients needed by the body to fuel your weight loss workout without having to consume any unnecessary carbs on your non-workout days.