1 Week bodybuilding workouts plan


1 Week bodybuilding workouts plan

One such workout program for men is discussed below which is spread over a week and you can easily perform this weight loss exercise also very beneficial in shaping your body at home. You can start this workout through performing some mild natural cardio exercises on the first day that will warm up your body for harder exercises to be performed later on.


1 Week bodybuilding workouts – Day 1

You can start by performing some abdominal weight loss management exercises followed by some flexibility workout exercises. You can jog on a treadmill for 20 minutes as a warm up exercise in the initial day. After the warming up weight loss workouts are over, you can engage in somebody stretching exercises that involve your thigh and back area along with your chest area. Taking care of your posture, perform push-ups for at least ten times. You should also do some crunches to build your abdominal muscles along with doing some stand row exercises as well.

1 Week bodybuilding workouts – Day 2

Is a dream for all exercise workout freaks especially those dedicated towards weight loss as you require doing nothing on this day except relaxing.  Day 2 as it is an off exercise day. You can utilize the time though in searching the internet for healthy food options to pair with your exercise workout routines.

1 Week bodybuilding workouts – Day 3

Again requires some exercising on your part and you can start through working on your abdomen, legs and shoulders on this day. Some cardiovascular exercises should also be included in the weight loss workouts. Start building your shoulder with a 5 pound weight on each hand and gradually excel to 10 pounds. The ideal time to lift these weights in your hand is 10 minutes.

1 Week bodybuilding workouts – Day 4

Again is dedicated to relaxing however you can practice deep breathing and eat healthy to gather as much energy as available to start the next weight loss workout day.

1 Week bodybuilding workouts – Day 5

Enters into a more serious weight loss workouts session and you start with lifting weights centering towards the building of your biceps and triceps. Weight training exercises on this day should include bench presses, bicep curls and dead lifts. AB workouts and cardio exercises should also be a part of the day’s workout plan.
When it comes to lifting weights in workout for men, it is suggested  that it should be done with caution and the assistance of a professional trainer should be sought. It may seem you can handle weights for yourself for the first time you perform weight loss workouts, however this can be dangerous for you and your body, so avoid the temptation.

1 Week bodybuilding workouts – Day 6 and Day 7

are again rest days and you need to relax your weight loss management strategy in them along with yourself as well. Since the exercise workout you perform on day 5 is quite exhausting and hectic, you require taking the next two days off. This is only one among the many effective bodybuilding workout plans you can follow to shape your body along with losing weight.