How to Increase Blog Traffic


Here are some simple and effective tips which can help you to boost your blog traffic:

1) Post Evergreen and Useful Content which Your Audience Love To Read:

Content is soul of a blog, so you should be consistent about writing and posting great content in your blog. Always try to post useful and interesting articles which your targeted audience love to read. You must know about your reader choice, what they want to know about and for what they are coming to your blog, so be up to date with latest trend on chosen topics. And always post such content which will be evergreen or you have capability to keep it evergreen by updating it according to latest updates. Many Bloggers say that you should at least post one article in a day but I never follow this, because your readers want to read high quality content instead of daily posted garbage. 2- 3 Informative articles are sufficient in a week but should be great quality. So by this way your regular readers will stay forever and will regularly surf on your blog to find good content which will result in increasing traffic.


2) Participate in the Social Media Websites For Gathering Audience:

Social Media sites are great source of gathering audience for your blog, because now days every person are online and spend their lots of time on social communities like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Stumbleupon etc. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend lots time to figure out the large portion of your audience. So choose your social media platform and make an account there and just start to being social and promote your blog. Social Media is really a great source for increasing blog and website traffic. All time you just need to share your blog posts on these social media websites too. You should include questions, contests, requests for engaging your readers on your blog and also give your readers a way to interact productively without ever leaving your post.

3) Paid Advertising:

Paid advertisement on various network has become very effective for increasing blog traffic. It is especially effective if you have launched your blog recently and you need to give it a boost in traffic. There are many different paid advertising programs that are available to you according to your budget and need. The most commonly used advertisement program is Pay Per Click Program, In this advertisement you have to setup campaign and pay only when someone click on your ads. Budget totally depends on your targeted keywords which will cost you on each click.

There are also social media advertisement programs and pay per impression basis advertisement and many more, now it’s time to choose your preferred campaign. If your blog is new and you want to kick start with boost and don’t mind to spend money then this is best source to get the desired traffic and audience to your blog easily, it will get your blog off the ground.

4) Guest Post On Other Blogs:

Guest posting is an another great source for increasing traffic to your blog. Now days most of the bloggers want to get guest post from talented writers with catchy article, because they also want to get the time off from their own writing. So it is a most actionable source for increasing traffic, you must add a link back to your website in a post so that readers can find your hard work on your blog too. It is very effective for new bloggers, they can just gather their targeted audience from guest posting on popular blog. Give your full efforts to write good content, always think this is your first and last chance to prove yourself and give your best for your blog and for others too. Don’t do this only just for backlinks, because you want genuine readers for your blog so always try to write catchy and impressive articles.