How to Eat Up Those Additional Calories


All online resources offering you muscle building tips will tell you about the need for additional calories in your muscle building diet. But how do you consume all those extra muscle building calories. It is not easy to change your calorie intake and your body may not adjust easily to the new regime. Well, here are some tips to help you effectively eat up those additional calories:


  1. Cook Less, Eat Often: One of the easiest ways to trick your body into consuming more calories is to eat more often. Instead of trying to increase the calorie intake of every meal, increase the number of meals that you have. Aim to have up to eight different meals in a day. And be smart and avoid ones that require a long and elaborate cooking process. Make sure that your muscle building diet consists of ready to eat food items such as high protein meat available in cans.
  2. Have supplements: Supplements are specially designed keeping in mind your muscle building needs and while you should not consume too many supplements, you should definitely include them in your muscle building diet. Muscle building tips that advise you to completely stay away from supplements are impractical while those that advocate too much of these are just plain unhealthy in the long run. You must reach a fine balance. Read up on muscle building supplements and how they affect your body’s metabolism. Scientifically combine the supplements in your muscle building diet for maximum benefit.
  3. Have calorie dense foods: Look at labels of food items and include those that pack the maximum number of calories in a given portion size. This will help you get maximum calories without feeling too full. In fact one important skill you need for the success of following muscle building tips is the ability to correctly interpret nutrition labels. Look for high protein content and a low fat content while choosing your calorie dense foods.
  4. Have a Proper Muscle Building Diet Plan: While planning to eat additional calories it is a good idea to keep in mind the nutrient requirements for muscle building as well. Prepare a muscle building diet plan which includes the food items, portion sizes as well as when you plan to consume them. It is a good idea to include the supplements that you take as well in your diet plan, so that your muscle building efforts bear fruition.
  5. Keep tracking and tweaking: Your body responds differently at different points in time, therefore it is necessary to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Effective tracking of your muscle building diet as well as your progress in following muscle building tips will help you tweak your body building program and ensure that you are able to actually consume those extra calories to get the result that you want – big muscles.

By following these tips, you will not only be able to eat up those muscle building calories but also get good results for your efforts.