How to Build Muscles Fast: Planning Your Diet


If you ask any successful athlete or bodybuilder for tips on how to build muscles fast, they will invariably talk to you about the importance of a muscle building diet. The intense workouts and the costly muscle building supplements will only be helpful if you plan your muscle building diet carefully and then stick to it. It is fairly obvious that in order to achieve muscle growth you need to provide your body with more calories than it needs for its normal energy requirements. When you consume more calories than what is required, then the body uses it to either build fat reserves or to increase muscle mass. And that is where you need to plan your weight gaining diet. The goal should be to increase your lean muscle mass and not to have fat buildup.


If you are thinking of how to build muscles fast, then you need to have the right nutrients in your diet to encourage muscle growth.

Just How Much is Enough?

The first step in planning your muscle building diet is to track your current calorie intake and then increase it by about 500 calories. Keep repeating the process till you start gaining weight. There is no golden formula to determine the exact amount of calories needed for muscle growth and each person is different. You need to try increasing the calories till you reach the optimal amount for muscle growth.

Which Foods Can Improve Muscle Mass?

While the amount of calories is important, it is even more important where they come from, so that it aids muscle growth and helps to improve muscle mass instead of adding to body fat. You should have a protein rich diet, but other nutrients such as carbohydrates and water are important too.

While planning on how to build muscles fast, it is necessary to plan the timings of your meals. You should aim to eat five or six smaller meals spread through the day rather than three big meals. This will aid fat burning and encourage muscle growth.  For example, eat a high protein snack as soon as you wake up along with some carbohydrates and water. This will quickly kick start your body into a positive nitrogen zone which is absolutely essential for building muscle mass.

You should also carefully plan what to eat before and after a workout. Typically drink water and have some complex carbohydrates and a protein shake before a workout. After a workout, you can have a simple carbohydrate and a protein shake.

Also keep in mind the nutrient breakdown of all food items that you consume. Two main goals of a muscle building diet should be to obtain the daily caloric needs that you have set as well as to get the desired amount of individual nutrients.

You can also refer to the various sources available online as well as consult your trainer for coming up with an optimal diet plan that would help you achieve muscle growth and increase muscle mass.