Robin Padilla Upset of Denied Visa But Thankful Because Mariel’s Nanny Was Able to Go to the Us! Read It Here!

Robin Padilla has recently expressed disappointment after being denied a US visa and being unable to go to his wife Mariel Rodriguez and daughter Isabella, who are in the US. This is despite the fact that President Rodrigo Duterte has granted him absolute pardon.
On the brighter side, Padilla was thankful because their nanny was able to fly to Delaware, USA and help Mariel in taking care of her baby.
On Padilla’s Instagram post, he said even that though he was not granted to have a U.S. Visa, he is thankful because Analyn Mabao, Mariel’s nanny whom she treats like a real family, was able to go and help Mariel.

However, his followers are quite upset about Padilla’s situation. Nonetheless, Robin is hopeful that a perfect time will come for Mariel and Isabella to be in his arms soon.


Source: TNP , PEP