Netizens Slam Rey Valera After Criticizing A TNT Contestant For Being Fat! READ HERE!

On the January 10 episode of noontime TV program It’s Showtime’s “Tawag ng Tanghalan”, resident-jury Rey Valera dropped a bothersome comment on contestant Christelle Tiquis.
After commenting on the musical aspect of her performance, Valera advised Tiquis to do something about her body because her boyfriend might be dismayed if he tries to kiss her.
Valera said, “Wala akong masabi sa ‘yong advice…
“Walang kinalaman sa pagkanta, iha, kundi sa relasyon mo lang.
“Nakita ko yung picture mo nung araw, sexy ka…
“Ang advice ko sa ‘yo, huwag ka magpapataba, iha.
“Alam mo kung bakit? Tanungin mo ako kung bakit.
“Kasi kapag ganyan ka kataba, at ganyan ka kalaki, at hinahalikan ka ng dyowa mo, nagkakawanggawa lang yun.
“Okay? Good luck.”
The contestant politely responded with a smile.
Netizens quickly referred to Rey’s remark as an act of ‘body shaming’
However, hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis defended Tiquis by saying that there’s nothing wrong with her size and it should not affect her future relationships.
According to Vice, “Oy, hindi. There’s nothing wrong with being fat for as long as you’re still healthy.”
“Tsaka love chooses no form.” Anne followed-up.
The judge’s comment made its way to social media, sparking arguments that Rey is the worst judge in the show’s history.
Some even said that he went out of line for his job.


“Rey Valera is the worst judge the show has ever had. Below the belt magcomment. He just did body shaming publicly! #ShowtimeAngSayaNaTEN”
— Engr. Dane Putot (@danebautistajr) January 10, 2017
“Rey Valera is bullying the contender. No to body shaming! #ShowtimeAngSayaNaTEN”
— Kubota (@taniguchi9) January 10, 2017
“Rey Valera, please stick to singing and writing songs… Your humor is tasteless and offensive. #ShowtimeAngSayaNaTEN”
— Jerry Parinas (@JerryParinas) January 10, 2017
Meanwhile, both sides (Rey and Tiquis) are silent regarding the controversial comment.
Tiquis still remained humble after not winning and she thanked her supporters.
Netizens Slam Rey Valera After Criticizing A TNT Contestant For Being Fat! READ HERE!