Suggestions and Tips for a Holiday in Bandung, Indonesia


For holiday goers, many of the varied destinations in Indonesia are intriguing. Among these, Bandung has been known as the Paris of Java. Once there, the visitor finds many available paths to explore a world of superb wilderness and dream-like tourist attractions.


Geographical Considerations

Bandung has a remarkable shape – it is like a U and also shaped like a bowl, and is 1 km above sea level. Some of the mountains on this Indonesian island are still active. The temperatures throughout the year are warm, between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. That makes it a perfect environment for most of us. Besides, the great fertility of the soil and the frequent precipitations make it a land fit for agriculture – for exotic crops.

The Nature Trail

Bandung is surrounded by highland and mountains, with some ample hiking trails for those wanting to get closer to nature. Tangkuban Perahu is the most important volcano of the area and a great touristic destination. Sulfur treatments for the skin are very common and affordable here. Also, the region is famous for the ornaments and objects made of batik wood. If you are looking for a hot spring spa, look for Ciater, a place of great natural beauty and healing. The public pool is very crowded, but there are private ones available as well. Among the other tourist spots, Ciwidey is unspoiled, it is like a well-kept secret of Bandung. However, the dining options are not as many, but you will experience the nature better, unhindered by the many touristic facilities.

The Romantic Spots

Bandung is dotted with countless hangout places, most of them being appropriate for taking your date out. This also makes it difficult to pick the best. It seems that Kampung Daun has been gathering loads of positive reviews from guests lately, and is considered a very romantic place in Bandung. It is an amazing place, situated within a typical tropical forest with bamboo groves and varied trees, with a waterfall and a stream, enchanting wooden huts, rock formations, torches and other amazing details to make up a dream village hidden within the forest.

The Cuisine of Bandung

The place is known for its dishes like Siomay, Batagor, Tahu Mendoan and Tahu Sumedang, already a name of legend. Banana specialties like the rolls and pastries are surely not to be missed, either. They are like a signature of Bandung, but the chefs in the area are also very skilled at rendering world-famous recipes like chocolate brownies and tiramisu.

Shopping in Bandung

Many factory outlets are placed in Bandung, and these greatly facilitate shopping for clothes. Most such spots are situated along Jalan Dago and Jalan Sethiabudhi. You will need time to go through these, but if you are fashion-conscious you will find it rewarding. When you grow tired, you can always stop for dining in the area. Numerous tourists have discovered the benefits and pleasures of shopping at the factory outlets in Bandung.

If your Indonesian holiday destination in Bandung, you are in for a treat and will be pleasantly surprised by the variety within.