How safe may be the cloud?


Cloud security has always been a challenge for those looking to make the transition to the cloud, or those who have already made the transition to the cloud. We find, however, that the abundance of the cloud of development of the company in the fact that taking the greater amount of countermeasures to prevent any disaster. Either hacker or collapse of the server, the cloud providers to ensure safe working conditions in the cloud.


  1. Access

The access to the data is very important. Although it is a very simple concept, we will continue in any case which they have access or permission on the data able to use or visualize data. And on the contrary, those without access or permission, they can’t do it. This continues as such, that those with bad intentions, which was granted the access will be the cause of discomfort for you and your company. Therefore, it is important for the access to confidential data is very limited and only those who really need to access such.

Other measures can be taken for the protection of data. Employees, who have access to, also be required to provide a document of identity if you try to use open. This will help stop potential criminals from committing crimes.

  1. The encryption

The majority of service providers are cloud software capable of providing encryption of data. Encryption is the process of encoding data or information in such a way that only the authorized participants can have access to it. This provides is a very effective way of maintaining the confidentiality of the data. To open an encrypted file, the user must have access to the secret key or password to decrypt the message of the limits. Cloud development, the company must, therefore, have the possibility to encrypt your information in the cloud, as well as to give all the property of the key to access the encrypted data.

  1. Disaster Recovery

There are situations in which the information and data stored in the cloud will become orphaned, remote, inaccessible or corrupted. In times like this, with acuity of the information that you may require, and due to all these disasters that are happening, you can never have an opportunity in the access to these data. As such, the software development company will develop the safety net in scenarios such as that. Most companies have multiple backup copies of servers that exist to maintain a running server, in the event that the principal is not enough. This helps in the prevention of interference of any kind to the customer. In addition, the company is normally your server backup data on a regular basis. This helps to avoid any kind of setbacks caused by the loss of data, if this is a bug or hacking. With these security screens in stow, the cloud will be more secure and reliable.

  1. Customer­ oriented

Solid and editors to the company develop the software with the customer in mind. As such, the cloud of software applications developed, in particular those that the software provides to the business, is created with the business in general in mind. These companies understand the risks associated with cloud computing and take all necessary precautions to avoid any of those cases occurs. In short, the companies that build the cloud platform tend to focus more on security and control in comparison with the companies that build the system with respect to those already existing within the firewall.

The output of

As well as there is really rational of the volumes of the paranoia about the cloud computing and data storage, there are a lot of countermeasures, published by the provider in order to avoid any accident not occurred. The cloud is really safe and, with advances in technology in the cloud can only be even more secure.