Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing



Cloud computing becomes a hot just discuss the topic among entrepreneurs. Many companies consider the possibility of going to the cloud. However, not all is rosy. Although there are many benefits of cloud computing, there are some drawbacks.


  1. Cost Savings The amount of savings offered by cloud computing is extraordinary.

Many companies talk about a remarkable reduction of the costs of the transition to the cloud. In addition, the cloud computing and saves time. Many of the difficult tasks that exist in the business world and with these types of software, difficult tasks can be facilitated.

  1. The reliability of the cloud computing is that it is also the most reliable.

As a general rule, most software development companies provide excellent customer support. As the task of the employees of the support services are often experts in the software, solution of problems is much less problems and more real.

  1. Server Backup Cloud software developers, normally in a different league of high-technology.

Thanks to this fact, these developers of the company often have multiple servers. With various activation servers, you can be sure that in case of a server failure, a backup server will help you to prevent potential errors or disruptions in the work that you do.

  1. Storage and scalability, through the provision of software of the company, to the customers there is a free service of cloud storage of data.

What it means for an incredibly large storage space. This eliminates the need for the acquisition of foreign storage compartments. In addition, as it is the repository exists in the cloud, the management and the organization becomes a simple task.

  1. Mobility Cloud computing exists on the internet. As such, the access is much easier.

Your programs, files and images are stored in the cloud, may be available at any place where there is an internet connection. In addition, these documents may be available through other methods, in addition to the computer, such as a tablet or a smartphone. Thanks to this mobility, the emergence of the files or documents may be available and any emergency situation could be.

Disadvantages, although there are many benefits of using cloud computing, there are some disadvantages also.

  1. The cost of the Quite possibly. The most outstanding and a disadvantage to the cloud is going to cost. Cloud computing often requires a costly software. With each one of the user programs are created, the cost increases even more. In addition, the advance payment with the monitoring of a monthly payment you can be a part of a payment plan of business.
  2. The time of inactivity. Every now and then, may occur failures in the operation of the server. This can happen for many reasons, such as the weather, the malware, or upgrade to the system. If the backup server does not work, your job can be very difficult. The cloud providers take care of a large number of clients a day. With a large number, the company or the server can be sometimes overloaded, and technical failure can occur.
  3. Compatibility. With the integration of a completely new system, problems of compatibility can be in the store. This is especially true in cases in which the company wants to maintain the existing program. Although this may seem like something small on the surface, the specific functions that can lead to failures in the operation of the program and, consequently, the problems of compatibility.
  4. Security and privacy. The security and privacy concern exists that the greater part of the data exists in the cloud or on the internet. Hackers can gain access to the illegal information, and stealing information, to your anger. In addition, they have access to can potentially use the information for malicious purposes.

The output of Cloud computing offers many advantages and benefits. Although it is very useful, there are, of course have its disadvantages. In most cases, however, companies and businesses find cloud computing to be extremely useful for their growth and maintenance.

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