WATCH: Footage Of The Colorful Sea World Beneath Frozen Antarctica Captured For The First Time By A Robot!

GMA News released an article about a video of the underwater world beneath the frozen ice of Antarctica.
On Wednesday, a video showing the vibrant and colorful sea world beneath Antarctica was released.
Sea spiders, sea cucumbers, sponges, sea anemone and other colorful creatures are featured on the video.
Australian Antarctic Division biologist Dr. Glenn Johnstone reported that the water in the area has a temperature of negative 1.5 degrees Celsius or 31 degrees Fahrenheit. He also said that the water was covered by frozen sea ice measuring up to 1.5 meters thick for 10 months.
Johnstone further explained that biodiversity is likely to flourish in an area that is protected by sea ice. Sea ice protects the underwater community from storms above which makes it an ideal environment for a stable ecosystem. However, there are cases where icebergs can also wipe out  underwater community.
Johnstone also shared with Reuters that the video taken was the first glimpse of the underwater community beneath Antarctica and they are only ‘beginning to understand it’.
The video was taken by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) at O’Brien Bay, GMA News reported. The scientists were trying to retrieve a SeaHox ph data logger which records the acidity, oxygen, salinity and temperature of the water when they accidentally captured the video.