President Rodrigo Duterte Has A Message To Taxi Drivers Who Are Rapists: ‘Puputulan Ko Kayo ng Ari’

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte issued a warning to taxi drivers who overcharge their passengers, saying he will have them arrested for committing ‘estafa,’ according to GMA.
But another warning must be heeded by taxi drivers, as the president released a statement that he will blast off or cut off the manhood of taxi drivers who rape their passengers.
Radyo Inquirer reported that President Duterte claimed he will go out of Malacañang Palace with no security aides visible and will pretend to be a normal citizen just to scare the taxi drivers to further discourage them from illicit acts.
The president also stated that he will arrest the drivers of taxis, jeeps, buses, and other public modes of transportation that overcharge their passengers or those who don’t give exact change.


Duterte said that these are clear-cut cases of ‘estafa’ or swindling. The taxi drivers must instead petition the LTFRB if they want a higher fare rate.
The president is also obliging taxi drivers to place their IDs inside the car with a full view of their names and plate number, along with their picture, so that the passengers can see and easily identify them.
He also warned people who pretended to be taxi drivers in order to rob and then kill their victims. Duterte said that these fake taxi drivers will share the same fate as their victims.
The president is well-aware that taxi drivers in general are part of the population who supported him as a candidate in the recent presidential elections.
Source: TNP, Inquirer