5 Ideas on How to Build up Periscope Followers Fast



Periscope followers are important when it comes to landing branding opportunities, offering a wide audience a sales opportunity or the chance to brag about your life. Of course, you can invite the world to Periscope, but will the world come? Unless you are a social butterfly, there is a good chance only a few Periscope followers will be part of your show.

How to Build up Periscope Followers? The Need for Speed

There are plenty of ways to start building up your content distribution network, but you need to find ways that your Periscope followers build up fast. Today’s opportunity is history tomorrow and if you find a slow and steady source of Periscope followers it’s a gold mine, but you also need to pump in a source offering a reason people want to watch you. You need to find some speed.

If you have done all the conventional ways of looking for Periscope followers and want to branch out, consider these unique ways to build up and make your voice (and fast) part of the social media landscape.

  1. Join LinkedIn groups related to your industry and network. Sounds easy right? Well, you’d be surprised how many professionals don’t do this. Many professional people are new to Periscope and will look at your broadcasts. That’s right, your colleagues could be Periscope followers.
  2. Reach out to bloggers directly and start to develop a relationship. Just like a guest posting, you need to be on more than one platform. Periscope is a self-feeding location that should be nurtured, but you need to find followers who are focused on you, not the idea of being part of new technology.
  3. Start talking about other Periscope content and over time they’re more likely to share yours even without being asked. Periscope followers also are broadcasters. They love to hear their name and many are willing to reach out, if, you make the first move
  4. Tell people you meet at conferences or networking events about your broadcasts. Make this a part of your pitch in everything you do.
  5. Comment on other blogs consistently to build familiarity of your brand and let people know you talked about the topic ON your Periscope broadcast. Folks who are interested in your opinion will find your broadcast.

When you are looking to build up Periscope followers, remember you need to consider who the people are that you want to watch. Many broadcasters consider the number of followers more important than the actual quality of followers. It’s a grievous error that will be focused on anytime you decide to monetize your streams as you need to prove you’ve solicited the right type of people for the topic.



source: 5 Ideas on How to Build up Periscope Followers Fast