5 Embarrassing Periscope Broadcaster Habits



Periscope broadcaster habits are very obvious thanks to the way the live streaming Twitter app works. While the broadcaster might not know they are being offensive (or turning people away) they definitely are hurting their broadcast and viewers notice instantly.

While there is a lot of viewers who will let things slide (after all, we all make mistakes) there are some habits so offensive that viewers are left screaming at their cell phones because it is so annoying. Most broadcasters will casually ignore feedback of people who might point problems out, but recently I watched as a bigger broadcaster blocked a viewer who mentioned a habit she did repeatedly (and it was very annoying.)

To avoid the embarrassment these Periscope broadcaster habits should be avoided at all costs:

  1. Keep your clothes on and let everyone in the house know you are broadcasting. Two recent incidents I’ve seen offered everyone embarrassment to all. A broadcaster’s boyfriend walked by during a broadcast. Rushing across the room to get a towel after a shower, it was an accidental eyeful. Then two nights later, a broadcaster kept pulling down her shirt lower and lower. Remember you can’t forget what has been seen and viewers don’t want to see all of it.
  2. Picking your nose, pulling your hair or grabbing your earlobe. Personal habits are intensified on Periscope and when you pull on your ear for 10 minutes, it becomes an embarrassment for everyone. Same for playing with your hair.
  3. Screaming or not having a consistent voice tone. One very popular Periscope broadcaster has recently lost a significant number of followers as she won’t stop yelling. Calling it “passion” her wide range of noise means followers are consistently monitoring the volume as she goes from a whisper to screaming in less than a minute. Try dealing with that if you are watching at work! A good Periscope Broadcaster habit is to have one noise level and if variation is necessary, then don’t go wild. The situation of this particular broadcaster has become such an issue that details about her so-called passion have circulated on the several business forums with people suggestion to forego watching her broadcasts.
  4. Finding a balance in words. Periscope broadcaster habits include not swearing repeatedly. This sounds harsh, but most followers get into a chat and become surprised when cursing starts. Add that they might be in a location where there are children and the situation is embarrassing.
  5. Don’t be telling your viewers you are too busy to read their comments. If you are too busy to read comments as you are talking, keep your mouth shut. Some broadcasters declare they aren’t interested in the stream of comments and it’s an odd thing to say since Periscope is based on social interaction. Even Popular Periscoper Chris Ducker says engaging is an essential part of the Periscope community. Broadcasters who suggest the comments are going too fast, say they won’t read the comments or come out to say that their message is more important than mingling with attendees on Periscope is embarrassing (for them) and the wrong way to use the Twitter app.



source; 5 Embarrassing Periscope Broadcaster Habits