Select Camping Tent Design Based On Your Needs and Weather Conditions



Spending time under the stars at the outdoor camps will be a great experience for all travelers.  Various kinds of tent designs are available in the market and you can pick one that suits best your necessity. The humble tent can be updated, according to the needs. Camping tent is available in various sizes, styles, shapes, and colors.

Comfortable sleeping zone

Size is the important factor that needs to b e considered, while buying a tent. You can buy either a single or double sized tent, as per your preferences. Double sized or 2 person tents will be the preferable choice, if two people intend to stay in it. You can increase your comfort level by buying mummy bags or sleeping pads for coziness.

While looking for a hiking tent in the store, check whether the style of the tent meets your sleeping demands and hiking needs. Usually a free standing design tent does not need tent stakes and it will be self-supporting. The rainfly covers the outside area of the tent and it provides you shelter, during raining. A tent that is made out using light weight material is essential as you can easily carry it while travelling.


Different styles of tent design

Certain things are crucial for camping and one such thing is a tent. Sometimes your camping trip will be spoiled, by a bad tent design. Tents are distinguished, based on their size and shape and their characteristics also vary accordingly.  In general, it is usually built using poles which are considered as the skeleton of the tent. On top of that, the fabric is laid which create an inner pocket. Some of the different types of tents are:

  • Pyramid tents
  • Avian tents
  • Adjustable frame tents
  • Hoop tents
  • Wedge tents
  • Dome tents

The dome is a classic model tent and it can be expanded according to the size of the family.  Four season tents are suitable during the extreme weather condition ad winter season. This style shed the snow off the sides and prevents the tent fabric from bowing inside due to the weight of the snow. It has thicker fabric which provides you extra insulation against the winter breeze. This structure is designed to withstand the rigorous winds and cold temperatures.

Outfitter shelters are suitable for weekend and long stay campers and it is usually big and bulky. It takes more time to set-up. This tent is not an ideal shelter for a backpacking trip.  In essence, backpacking shelters should be lightweight and should weigh less than 6 pounds. Free standing tent provides great flexibility to set-up the tent where you want.

Important factors

Whatever the tent style may be, you have to look into certain factors such as:

  • Check out for the features included in it such as warranty, window, door, and ventilation.
  • Material used upon the tent must withstand the extreme weather conditions. Nylon, canvas and polyester are some of the best ones.
  • The tent cover must be coated with rainfly or waterproof features
  • Size should be big enough to sleep and store your gear
  • Before buying it, read at least once the instruction pamphlet about how to set up the tent. From the instruction paper, you will know whether it is easy for you to set up or not.
  • Check the durability of the accessories or equipment that comes along with it such as double sewn seams, pegs, tent poles and zippers.

While buying, you have to think about the other factors which might have a negative impact. The dome tents, which are used for family purposes gives less usable space and offers less freedom to move around.

If you are a new camper then you probably should know about the different types of tents that are available. Choose the best one based on the environment, features, and the requirement.



source: Select Camping Tent Design Based On Your Needs and Weather Conditions