4 Ways to Overcome Shyness on Periscope: Stop Broadcast Procrastination



Maybe I will start my Periscope broadcast tomorrow. Those are the unwise words of a shy, unwilling Periscope broadcaster who needs a swift kick in the backside and a little positive encouragement to get started on the awesome Twitter App. For anyone dealing with shyness and being uncomfortable on camera, everyone on Periscope understands the emotion. According to the Huffington Post, the majority of videos aren’t very long either, so you don’t need to worry about spending hours on a broadcast.

There are ways to overcome shyness on Periscope and get started. Of course you should expect the butterflies. As most broadcasters will tell you, it takes time to be completely confident and anyone who suggests they did it perfect on the first day obviously is  a liar (no, really they are.)

So how can you overcome shyness on Periscope and stop your broadcast procrastination? Try these four simple ways and if you hang on, expect to feel in control in a very short time.

  1. Ask a friend to be involved in the first few periscope broadcasts. It will become a casual conversation about a topic between you, a friend you know and the big world. The fear immediately decreases at this point because you know your friend has got your back! Ask several people to join, and for the first week don’t go solo!
  2. Prepare with some notes. People sometimes get shy because they are afraid they won’t know what to say. It’s a fair concern, but impossible if you have notes. Write down four or five points and start talking. You’ll be surprised how fast you get into the swing of a broadcast with the confidence of notes.
  3. Make sure you look good in the mirror before you start. Sometimes people are worried about how they look. Periscope catches your entire face and to avoid this uncomfortable feeling check to make sure you look good and then get started, but don’t put the camera too close. Give some space so you aren’t crowded.
  4. Ask a friend to watch and comment. Just like a crowded room, when you have someone who is part of your posse, it makes it easier to navigate. So ask people you know to comment. The more the merrier and you will find yourself talking to them over your cell phone.

The worst thing you can do is not start on Periscope. Or just watch other people and wish you could be sharing your story. You CAN share your story, business and life on Periscope. It might take a little help from friends and family, but it is worth it. Overcoming your shyness is just the first step to a new beginning.



source: 4 Ways to Overcome Shyness on Periscope: Stop Broadcast Procrastination