Five Budget London Indian Restaurant



Budget doesn’t have to mean budget food. If you want the best Indian cuisine, then who’s to say you can’t have it without spending a fortune? Some of the best brands and restaurants in London today can offer the most delicious traditional Indian dishes, an amazing dining experience, and the price tag to suit you. So, you can enjoy a great evening out without having the worry about the bill at the end of the night. To guide you in your quest to find the best restaurant for less; here are five budget Indian restaurants in London…

Masala Zone can offer everything you want in an authentic Indian dining experience combined with a great service and delicious traditional Indian cuisine. The restaurant group consists of eight restaurants across London that all offer affordable dining with all the trimmings. The eight London Indian restaurants in the city mean that there is something local for everyone to enjoy. What more could anyone ask for?

Babur can offer you an extensive menu of Indian cuisine from many different regions. The dishes from each region are produced by chefs that originate from the actual region for a completely authentic experience unbeatable by other London Indian restaurants. The dishes are affordable, yet of the highest quality foods forming an extensive menu that provides more than just the traditionally known dishes.

Tayyabs is a name that has been around for over forty years. They offer a wide variety of foods from the traditional Indian dishes to the mixed grill to suit a diverse range of tastes. The prices are surprisingly cheap and the atmosphere is vibrant at all times. The restaurant is a busy place to be, so it’s best to book beforehand if you are heading here. The experience can be a really enjoyable one with this contender in London Indian restaurants.

Imliis ahead of the pack in low price range. The popular restaurant has evolved and lasted the test of time thanks to the impressive menu offered to customers and the set prices. Diners can enjoy an authentic Indian meal without the worry of overspending at the end of the evening. You can experience the traditional Indian dishes from one of the best London Indian restaurants within budget, which makes eating out all the more tempting in today’s economy.

Mango and Silk is a beautifully presented restaurant offering a great atmosphere and an enjoyable experience. The environment is lovely for diners to enjoy with a wonderful menu to choose from. The restaurant can help you keep to your budget and can even offer a little taste of everything with a buffet that is help every week. The menu is diverse to suit all age groups and offer a family friendly experience.

If you are on a budget, then these restaurants are the perfect solution. Even if you have plenty of spare cash this week, you don’t need to spend it all at once to get the best that Indian restaurants in London have to offer. Low prices don’t mean low quality today and a small budget can get you the experience and the Indian cuisine that you want.



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