4 Ways to Engage with a Periscope Comment


4 Ways to Engage with a Periscope Comment

A Periscope comment is similar to a conversation taken place online. Every wonder what is the proper way on how to comment on Periscope? The every changing platform might have new elements, but one thing that appears to stick around is offering up your opinion about the subject. As people have watched and learned, there does seem to be a general idea that those folks who have a real interest in the topic will be heard and noticed.

What angers people about a Periscope comment is an insincerity element that can’t be ignored. Someone complaining about the broadcaster or topic, a self-promotional plug and even an over the top comment that includes cursing, slander or inappropriate statements will get you quickly blocked.

Now that you are familiar with a Periscope comment that is bad, it’s important to focus on what you can offer that are good comments. Things that offer and engage can bring you new friends, new business and even teach you things you might have never known.

Here are 4 ways to engage by a Periscope comment:

  1. Offer your historical, current or future perspective. Watching a Periscope about Disney World? Share how much fun your family had during your last trip. Looking at One World Trade Center? Sharing where you were when the Twin Towers fell in New York City. Offer a perspective that is unique to you and you alone.
  2. Share your opinion on the subject. If you have any wonder on how to do this, find a Broadcaster who currently is sharing information about presidential politics. Whether it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the passion found in the comments is a perfect example on sharing. Don’t go overboard by engaging in personal attacks, but get your opinion heard by debating with other users respectfully.
  3. Offer to type up websites that the broadcaster is discussing. When hosting a broadcast it’s tough for a person to talk and type, especially if they are trying to share their story. Offer a helping hand by typing up the quick points they are making or the URLs they share with others. People will noticed and engage with you.
  4. Add to the conversation by offering you tip. If talking about candle making, share the easiest molds you have ever used or your favorite scents. A solid tip that will help others, solely focused on the subject, will offer people a look at your profile and it’s a positive way of engagement.

Any periscope comment will be recorded and the broadcasters, along with others who watch the replays, can see what you write so don’t expect that once the video is over your impact is over too. Instead, you could have a lingering impact depending on the volume of views.



source: 4 Ways to Engage with a Periscope Comment