3 Effective Ways for Raising Cash



Looking to find out how to make money with Periscope? Broadcasters serious about raising funds for their efforts know it’s not something you can do overnight, but it is totally possible. With so many different people on the Twitter app, the chance to make money does vary on your style, approach and how you are measuring your engagement.

One of the biggest questions on the Twitter app is how to make money on Periscope and that’s because you don’t get paid to broadcast. Instead entrepreneurs come up with other ways that engage their viewers and give them cash, items and opportunities in exchange for their time sharing with the world. Frankly, this isn’t a new concept as people who use Vine and YouTube also do this to supplement their income. According to Entrepreneur magazine, the idea of brands using Periscope is more likely as it is the technology is making an immense impact. Broadcasters need to be proactive in finding ways to raise cash and connect with individuals who could appreciate their audience.

Here are 3 Effective Ways for Raising Cash to Make Money with Periscope:

  1. Pitch a brand. Without question, periscope broadcasters who are looking at selling, mentioning or having products in their periscope are making money. This is a personal transaction where a brand sees an audience of a Periscope broadcaster and wants to connect. Looking for brands starts with the genre you are broadcasting about and approaching potential companies.
  2. Gifts in kind. Many Periscope broadcasters consider taking gifts in kind to mention the items, share a quick look with viewers and give a shout out. These gifts could be as simple as a coffee cup or as elaborate as a new piece of technology. Before accepting any gifts, know what the expectations are. After the broadcast, the item can be liquidated and I personally know a Periscope broadcaster who sells all her gifts on eBay after the broadcast making a substantial sum every month.
  3. Pitch your own product. If you are looking to keep all the profits, consider putting together a book, program or other digital product to sell. People who like particular broadcasters are willing to buy items from the broadcaster and see how they can be like them. Exercise gurus could sell weight loss programs, positive broadcasters could sell inspirational journals and so on.

It’s important to note that not every broadcaster endorses making money with Periscope. During a recent panel discussion on Periscope in Los Angeles, a popular broadcaster suggested it shouldn’t be allowed. Of course that was only after she revealed she took a fully paid trip – including incidentals – to an international destination to showcase the location to her viewers. So obviously, it’s a personal choice on how to make money with Periscope and defining what gifts in kind or cash means when sharing a broadcast with viewers. Remember to decide what is best for your situation.



source: 3 Effective Ways for Raising Cash