The Main Side Effects of HCG Diet



Today, weight loss has become one of the basic needs to everyone and among celebs. This is because everyone wants to be healthy, keep fit and look attractive.

Obesity and sagging flesh makes one look unattractive and can lead to critical diseases such as blood pressure.

Weight loss thus helps in preventing all these using HCG. This can be done either through injection or through other uses.

HCG diet is the most preferred and healthier way of losing weight. It is also used for fertility and for testerone treatment.

The HCG weights lose procedure calls for a diet with low calorie.

Even though the body gets a lot of nutrients and energy from the consumed stored fat, the stomach gets less food than it is used to thus making the body lose many calories daily.

This helps in drastic drop in weight by individuals daily. On the other hand, HCG diet plan has some negativity. The following are some of the side effects of this.

  1. Constipation– When one is under the HCG diet-eating plan they eat less than they are used to thus having less to expel. People who are on this get bowel movements for as many times as 3 to 4 days apart. When one needs to go out but cannot get it out this is simply referred to as constipation. A mild sugarless laxative and taking a lot of water helps smoothen out the track and make things softer.
  2. Mild dizziness– When one uses HCG it is common for one to have mild dizziness in the first week of its usage this is brought by the low calorie in the body system since many are lost daily.
  3. Headache– One’s body has to adjust to the new system with usage of HCG during the first week, this may lead to headaches. This is the main side effect of HCG diet and can be taken care of by taking painkillers and drinking a lot of water during that time.
  4. Skin rashes– When one is on the HCG diet plan the body burns and consumes fat that was stored in the body at an absurd speed releasing normal toxins to the body. When these toxins build up, they cause skin rashes. This can be minimized by taking lots of water that helps in flushing out the toxins out of the body.
  5. Leg cramps– when one is on HCG diet plan cramps may occur in their legs. This is normally caused by insufficient potassium in the diet since much of it is normally lost daily during these procedures. This can be minimized by taking potassium supplements, which reduces and even treats these symptoms.

However, these side effects occur only in the first week on the HCG diet plan and then disappear. These side effects too have either prevention, supplements or treatment thus cannot hinder the use of HCG. Not all people are affected by its usage too thus making HCG the best way of reducing weight and enjoyable too thus helping in maintaining ones, health keeping fit and even making one look attractive.



source: The Main Side Effects of HCG Diet