Other HCG Uses



The hormone HCG is currently approved to treat countless conditions. E.g. one frequent use is to induce ovulation in women in the course of fertility remedies. Similarly the hormone is used to improve testosterone and sperm production in men for the same reason. Finally HCG is commonly used on young boys before puberty in order for the testes to drop into the scrotum.

One more off label use for HCG shots are in conjunction with men and women working with anabolic steroids for testosterone replacement therapy purposes or for people using these steroids illegally for bodybuilding or athletic purposes. When anabolic steroids are used it forces the body to limit or cease producing its own testosterone. This process can lead to a males testicles shrinking over time, a condition known as testicular atrophy. The use of the HCG injection can help a man restore each the size of his testicles in addition to his natural testosterone production.

Off label refers to using a medication for causes other than what was to begin with intended and at the moment approved. For instance Botox was created to treat a condition called blepharospasm or abnormal contractions of the eyelids but is widely used for cosmetic purposes.

Human chorionic gonadotropin has other off label uses such as treating hypogonadism (shrinking testicles) in steroid abusers. When taking steroids the body shuts slows down or stops its natural testosterone production which causes the testicles to shrink. The use of HCG brings back the regular testosterone level and restores the testicles to their regular size. This also helps those utilizing steroids to more effectively keep hold of the muscle they gained during the cycle.

HCG, once mixed with bacteriostatic water, ought to be kept refrigerated and used inside 30 days of mixing. Not doing so will trigger the mixture to lose potency over time. Contemplating these facts, even if oral HCG was constructive, the reality that is was premixed, stored, shipped and sitting on a shelf for who knows how long denotes that it wouldn’t have the same strength as it did when it was made. Additionally very few HCG drops are kept refrigerated or shipped cold. These two details will need to raise an alarm immediately however the reality is most of the drops contain very minimal to no HCG to start with.

Similarly HCG has had some off label uses in conjunction with the HCG diet, a 30 day astonishingly low calorie program created for rapid weight loss. It is key to note that while prescription HCG is used for this purpose, the FDA has warned that oral or homeopathic HCG is without any impact at all. Essentially, in the course of investigation they situated that there were either trace quantities or no HCG at all with these merchandise. While this could seem like a little distinction it is not, in a nutshell this means that while HCG is not approved for weight loss, it could be used for weight loss provided it isn’t the HCG drops which are being prescribed.

This really is fairly widespread in medication as it is really situated that certain medicines may be used as remedies for other conditions that originally intended. It’s essential to note that the FDA does not approve of oral or homeopathic HCG as a weight loss supplement off label or otherwise.

It’s necessary to realize that a lot of medications have alternate uses not normally endorsed or approved by the FDA though it is relentlessly critical to research the advantages & side effects of the merchandise before looking for to use it for off label purposes.



source: Other HCG Uses